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Lesson 8 Bible Quiz

Joshua and Caleb stand up for God

Moses sent 12 spies into Canaan to- secretly explore the land and cities.
When the spies returned who relied on the truth of God's promises and gave a good report? Joshua and Caleb
What were Joshua and Caleb under pressure to do? to agree with the bad report, join the rebellion, abandon their faith
A conviction is a very strong belief.
What did God do to Israel's enemies before sending Israel to victory in the Promised Land? melted their hearts and took away their courage
God blessed Joshua with great leadership success because he observed the Law, meditated on God's word, was careful to do everything written in God's Word.
Being a leader of God's people and fighting battles often requires the godly attribute of courage.
Meditation is focused thought about a subject.
Israel built these as a reminder of God's faithfulness stone altars
The 10 spies got this judgment as a result of their bad report death from a plague
Joshua and Caleb received this blessing for their courage live and enter the land
All other adults were sentenced to this penalty for their rebellion. death in the wilderness
God gave this repeated phrase to Joshua for encouragement be strong and courageous
Joshua and Caleb told Israel to obey. Instead Israel wanted to do this stone them
Created by: slohrenz
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