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Celebrating the Mass - People and Objects_Advanced - Catholic

The priest or bishop leading the assembly in a Mass. Celebrant
When there are two or more priests or bishops joining in the celebration of Mass. Concelebrants
They are ordained; they assist the priest or bishop at the altar, proclaim the Gospel, and, on occasion, may give the homily. Deacons
They are entrusted with reading the first reading in daily Mass or the first and second readings at Sunday Masses or other major feasts. Lectors or Readers
The church’s term for any layperson delegated to assist in distributing Communion because of a lack of sufficient ordained ministers to administer the sacrament in a reasonable amount of time. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
They were once exclusively male and they assist the priest at the altar. Altar Servers
Since servers can also be adults as well as younger boys and girls, this generic term is for all those who assist the priest at the altar. Acolytes
In the opening procession of many liturgies, this person holds up a cross atop a pole and leads the procession. Cross Bearer
This is the metal vessel fastened to a chain, in which incense is placed atop lit charcoal. Thurible or Censor
This person carries the metal vessel fastened to a chain, in which incense is placed atop lit charcoal. Thurifer
The individual who leads the congregation in song at various points in the Mass. Cantor
A group of singers that sings at Mass. Choir
They are also referred to as Greeters or Welcomers. They greet the worshipers as they enter the church and may assist them in finding a seat. Ushers
The area of the church that holds the altar, ambo and celebrant’s chair and, in a cathedral, the bishop’s chair. Sanctuary
The raised pulpit where the Liturgy of the Word is proclaimed. Ambo
The reading stand from which the word of God is proclaimed during the Liturgy of the Word. Lectern
The chair of the priest celebrant is the place where he sits at certain times in the Mass and from which,usually standing, he leads prayers during the introductory rites, the Liturgy of the Word, the prayer after Communion and the closing rite. Presider’s Chair, Celebrant’s Chair
First blessed & lit at the Easter Vigil, it is placed prominently in the sanctuary & lit at all Masses during Easter season. After that, it's often placed in the baptistery for the celebration of baptism, and it is placed in the sanctuary for funerals. Pascal Candle
Contains all the parts of the Mass for a specific season in the liturgical year including instructions on when to stand, sit, or kneel. Missal
Contains the opening prayer, prayer over the gifts, prayer after communion, and solemn blessings, Eucharistic prayers and prefaces for all of the Masses, including special occasions. Sacramentary
This book contains the gospel reading for each Sunday of the three-year cycle, plus all solemnities, feats, and ritual Masses that are celebrated throughout the liturgical year. Book of the Gospels
The book of readings from Scripture, arranged according to what readings are to be read at any particular Mass throughout the year. Lectionary
A table in the sanctuary of a church, usually fixed in place, at which the central part of the Mass, the Liturgy of the Eucharist, is celebrated. Altar
A stemmed cup used on the altar at Mass to hold the wine that is consecrated into the blood of Christ. Chalice
A vessel used to hold the Hosts which will be used for communion. They are also used to reserve the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle. Ciborium
The staff a bishop carries in procession and uses briefly at some other parts of the Mass. It symbolizes the bishop’s pastoral authority as shepherd of his people. Crozier
A long-sleeved, ankle-length white robe worn by a bishop or priest while celebrating Mass or by a deacon assisting at Mass, and possibly by some lay ministers such as altar servers and lectors. Alb
The proper name used by Catholics for the consecrated bread and wine which are the body and blood of Christ. Holy Eucharist
The deacon, priest or bishop’s preaching on the Gospel or other Scripture readings or other texts from the Mass of the day. Homily
A common term in Catholicism used for the rounds of unleavened bread consecrated during Mass to become the real body of Christ. Host
A folding, pointed hat with two ribbon-like tails that is worn by a bishop at certain times during the Mass, most notably in the opening and closing processions. Mitre
Loose outer vestment like a poncho worn by a priest/bishop during Mass. It rests on the shoulders & may drape, front & back, between the knees & ankles. Its color varies with the feast/liturgical season being celebrated at the Mass of that day. Chasuble
A circlet of white lamb’s wool w black crosses that an archbishop wears around his neck when during Mass in his archdiocese or any or his province. It has a tail in front and back, giving it a “Y” shape. Pallium
A side room in a church where the celebrant and other ministers vest for Mass. Sacristy
A locked container in a church, usually of fine artistry & plated w gold/other fine metal & fixed permanently on a table/in a niche, where consecrated bread is reserved. Tabernacle
The general term for the outer liturgical garb worn by bishops, priests and deacons while celebrating or assisting at Mass. Vestments
The small skull cap worn by a bishop at Mass. A pope wears a white one, a cardinal, red, and a bishop, purple. Zucchetto
A long sleeved, ankle-length black robe w a Roman collar at the neck. In the USA most priests prefer simple clerical street garb—black pants & a black shirt with the Roman collar. Cassock
This is a wide-sleeved garment, slipped over the head, covering the shoulders, and coming down below the hips. It is worn over the cassock. Surplus
When a priest celebrates Mass or administers the Sacraments, he wears this scarf as a sign that he is acting in the name of Christ. The priest wears this around his neck. The deacon wears this over his right shoulder, crossing his heart. Stole
A rope with tasseled ends, to gird the alb and tie the stole to the waist. Cincture
In a cathedral, this is the chair from which the bishop leads prayers when he is the celebrant of a Mass. Cathedra
A white cloth used to cleanse the chalice. It resembles a napkin. Purificator
The small bowl that priests use to wash their hands during the Liturgy of Eucharist. Finger Bowl
The tablecloth for the altar that is always white. Altar Cloth
The small table off to one side of the sanctuary for sacred vessels. Credence Table
Another name for the holy water fountains or fonts at the entrances of the church. Stoup
Holds the incense until it is placed in the metal vessel fastened to a chain, in which incense is placed atop lit charcoal by the celebrant. Boat
The small pitchers of water and wine for the Mass. Cruets
The cloth covering used to hide the chalice and paten up to the offertory and after Holy Communion. Chalice Veil or Peplum
The cross carried during the opening and closing procession of the Mass. Processional Cross
The small dish usually used with the chalice. Paten
The stiff, square, white cover that is placed over the paten when it is on the chalice. Pall
The small white cloth placed in the center of the altar where the vessels containing the bread and wine during Mass will become the Body and Blood of Christ. Corporal
The rod that is dipped into holy water and sprinkled upon the parishioners as the priest passes by. Aspergillum
The light that burns continually when the Blessed Sacrament is present. Sanctuary Lamp
A sacred vessel designed to expose the consecrated Host either for adoration in church or carrying in procession, particularly on the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ. Monstrance
A cape-like garment which is put over the shoulders and hangs to the ankles, it is open in the front and worn by a priest or deacon in processions at Benediction and in other services. Cope
Also called the humeral veil. This is a long narrow shawl-like vestment used at Benediction. Benediction Veil
This is container to hold Holy water that is carried by the priest. Aspersory
A 10-inch square container to hold the Corporal. Burse
The color worn during Advent and Lent. Violet
The color worn during Christmas and Easter seasons. White
The color worn on Good Friday, Palm Sunday, Pentecost, and other Masses of the Holy Spirit and the feasts of martyrs. Red
The color worn on Ordinary Time. Green
Color worn on the 3rd Sunday of Advent,Gaudete Sunday, and the 4th Sunday of Lent, Laetare Sunday. Rose
A long bench with a back, placed in rows in the main part of some churches to seat the congregation. Pew
A board ,sometimes cushioned, for someone to kneel on. Kneelers
They are rung during the Consecration of the Mass. Bells
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