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CQLC Med Term I

Combining Forms Ch 3

abdomin(o) abdomen
aden(o) gland
adip(o) fat
adren(o) adrenal glands
angi(o) vessel
aort(o) aorta
appendic(o) appendix
arteri(o) artery
arteriol(o) arteriole
arthr(o) joint;articulation
cardi(o) heart;esophageal opening of the stomach
cephal(o) head
cerebell(o) cerebellum
cerebr(o) cerebrum
cervic(o) neck;cervix
chir(o) hand
chol(e) bile
cholo bile
col(o) colon
colon(o) colon
crani(o) cranium
cyst(i) bladder;cyst
cysto bladder;cyst
cyt(o) cell
dent(i) tooth
dento tooth
derm(o) skim
derma skin
dermat(o) skin
duoden(o) duodenum
encephal(o) brain
gastr(o) stomach
gingiv(o) gum
gloss(o) tongue
hem(a) blood
hemat(o) blood
hemo blood
hidr(o) sweat
histi(o) tissue
histo tissue
ischi(o) ishium
kerat(o) cornea
labi(o) lip
lapar(o) abdominal wall
laryng(o) larynx
linguo tongue
lymph(o) lymph
my(o) muscle
myel(o) spinal cord;bone marrow
nephr(o) kidney
neur(o) nerve
odont(o) tooth
ophthalm(o) eye
opto eye;sight
optico eye;sight
or(o) mouth
orchi(o) testis
orchid(o) testis
ost(e) bone
osteo bone
ot(o) ear
ped(o) foot;child
pedi foot;child
pharyng(o) pharynx
phleb(o) vein
plasma plasma
plasmo plasma
plasmat(o) plasma
pleur(o) rib;side;pleura
pleura rib;side;pleura
pneum(a) lungs;air;breathing
pneumat(o) lungs;air;breathing
pneum(o) lungs;air;breathing
pneumon(o) lungs;air;breath
pod(o) foot
psych(o) mind
psyche mind
pulmon(o) lung
reni kidney
reno kidney
rhin(o) nose
splen(o) spleen
spondyl(o) vertebra
stern(o) sternum
steth(o) chest
stom(a) mouth
stomat(o) mouth
ten(o) tendon
tendin(o) tendon
tendo tendon
tenon(o) tendon
thorac(o) thorax, chest
thoracico thorax, chest
vas(o) blood vessel, duct
vasculo blood vessel
veni vein
veno vein
ventricul(o) ventricle
vertebro vertebra
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