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CNA-Chapters 3 &8


Confidentiality Trusting others with personal and private information
Gossip To spread rumors or talk about the private matters of others
Harassment To trouble, torment, offend, or worry a person by one's behavior or comments
Priority The most important thing at the time
Professionalism Following laws, being ethical, having good work ethics, and having the skills to do your work
Stress The response or change in the body caused by any emotional, physical, social, or economic factor
Teamwork Staff members work together as a group; each person does his or her part to provide safe and effective care
Work ethics Behavior in the workplace
Coma A state of being unaware of one's surroundings and being unable to react or respond to people, places, or things
Dementia The loss of cognitive and social function caused by changes in the brain
Disaster A sudden catastrophic event in which people are injured and killed and property is destroyed
Hazardous Substance Any chemical in the workplace that can cause harm
Paralysis Loss of muscle function, loss of sensation, or loss of both muscle function and sensation
Suffocation When breathing stops from lack of oxygen
Workplace Violence Violent acts (including assault and threat of assault) directed toward persons at work or while on duty
Created by: ammendez