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Renaissance Review

Review for Renaissance Unit Test (WIMS)

Which of the following is true of Martin Luther? He was a devout Christian monk, he stood by his condemnation of the Church in front of Charles V, and he taught religion at the University.
The Medici family of Italy is famous for being rulers and supporters of the arts
Martin Luther differed with the Catholic Church in that he believed salvation came through an individual’s faith
The first full-size book printed with moveable type on the printing press was The Bible
Martin Luther’s 95 theses was an attack on the Catholic Church’s methods of raising money.
Johann Gutenberg is famous for inventing the printing press.
The best synonym for secular is worldly.
The main reason behind the split between the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church was Henry VIII’s desire to divorce Catherine of Aragon.
The Portuguese nobleman who created a school for sailors and encouraged exploration was Prince Henry
The French word Renaissance for this historical period actually refers to a “rebirth” of Emphasis on Greek and Roman art and culture
The printing press was based on technology that dated back to the 9th century from China
Which of the following was made up of large city-states? northern Italy
Those followed Martin Luther did so because in the end they could stay Roman Catholic. False
Which of the following could be used to describe those who agreed with and followed after Martin Luther? Lutherans and Protestants
Which of the following best explains how the Catholic Church had a “monopoly of power” before the Reformation? hey were the only church in Europe and they controlled the reading and interpretation of the Bible
The intellectual and cultural movement known as humanism arose from the study of classical Greek and Roman culture.
. Which of the following best describes the Renaissance idea of humanism? humans are of great worth and potential
Finding a sea route to Asia would bring more of what valuable trade good to Europe? Spices
To become known as an important patron, one most needed to be wealthy
According to Castiglione and others, the ideal “Renaissance man” was skilled in a variety of areas
The Catholic Church accused Martin Luther of heresy for Defying the authority of the Pope, translating the Bible into everyday German, and posting the 95 Theses on the door of the church
He was a Spanish explorer; the first to sail around the world. Magellan
He became known for selling many indulgences while traveling with a carnival-like entourage. Johann Tetzel
Politics is most concerned with power
Which city is often called the birthplace of the Renaissance? Florence
Created by: asmcmillan