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Chapter 14

Lorenzo de Medici Cosimo's grandson who is a patron and is called the magnificent
Francesco Petrarch Lived in the 1300's as a Florentine and was an early Renaissance humanist. Found and assembled a library of Greek and Roman manuscripts.
Leonardo da vinci Famous for painting the Mona Lisa in 1506 and The Last Supper in 1498.
Michelangelo Created a statue of David out of marble, Built the Sistine Chapel, and designed St. Peters cathedral in Rome.
Raphael Painted Assumptions of the Virgin in 1504 and Many Madonnas in 1506.
Baldassare Castiglione Wrote the book of Courtier for Aristocrats on manners, skills, leaning and virtues of a member of court.
Niccolo Machiavelli Wrote a guide to rulers on how to gain and to keep power.
patron Financial supporter of arts.
humanism Intellectual movement on worldly subjects
humanities subject taught to Greeks and Romans
perspective Painting appears 3D by sizing objects.
Albrecht Durer Known as the German Leonardo. Etched design on metal plate with acid
Jan van Eyck Developed oil paint to produce strong colors and hard surface.
Francois Rabelais Monk, Greek scholar, doctor, and author
William Shakespeare Wrote the Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet, Richard III, and Macbeth.
Miguel de Cervantes Spanish Novelist who is Known for Don Quioxite
Johann Gutenberg Created the printing Press
engraving etching a design on metal plate wit acid
vernacular everyday language
utopian ideal society
protestant Reformaltion In the middle ages the Church had renewed itself from within, though new calls for reform unleashed forces that would shatter Christian unity.
Martin Luther Didn't like what the church was doing saying that you could buy your way into forgiveness and not have to go to hell. posted his 95 theses then was excommunicated by the church
Peace of Augsburg Emperor Charles V tried to force Lutheran princes back into the Catholic Church, after a number of brief wars Charles and the princes reached a settlement and signed the Peace of Augsburg in 1555 which allowed each prince to decide which religion that wou
John Calvin Had 63 theses, he also set up a theocracy
John Knox
Indulgence lessening time in purgatory
recant give up view
predestination god determined long ago who got saved
theocracy government rule by church leaders.
Henry VIII Wrote love songs played tennis and married six times. Also he was very ruthless to his enemies. Had dozens of people beheaded including his second and fifth wives
Elizabeth I As a young child she was very good at dancing and writing and playing her musi c. Loved to watch William Shakespeare plays.
Council of Trent Met on and off for almost 20 years and declaired the bible.
Inquisition Church court set up during the Middle Ages
Jesuits Society of Jesus
Teresa of Avila Set up her own order of nuns. The lived in isolation eating and sleeping very little and dedicating themselves to prayer and meditation.
annul to cancel
canonize recognize as saint
compromise agreement
scapegoat someone to blame
ghetto separate part of a city
Nicolaus copernicus proposed a heliocentric, and said the sun was center
Johannes Kepler German astronomer and mathematician who used Brahe's data to calculate the orbits of the planets revolving around the sun.
Galileo Galilei father of Astronomy, because he made important discoveries about the motion of pendulums and falling objects.
Francis Bacon Englishman who was devoted to the problem of knowledge
Rene Descartes Frenchman who was devoted to the problem of knowledge
Isaac Newton Saw an apple fall from a tree and say the same force that the apple had to fall to the ground had to do the planets orbiting the sun.
Robert Boyle distinguished between individual elements and chemical compounds.
heliocentric sun is center
hypothesis possible expaination
scientific method step by step process of discovery
gravity force that keeps planets in orbit around sun.
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