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Syllabus Quiz

What is the teacher's name? Rebecca Woodward Wendelken.
This course covers over 5000 years of human history.
This course will examine intellectual, cultural, economic, social and political trends beginning with the first civilizations and continuing up to around 1500.
What is the first educational goal for the History Department? 1. students will demonstrate an ability to conduct basic historical analysis of primary and secondary sources, media, and textbooks and to preform written analysis.
What is the second educational goal for the History Department? students will demonstrate basic skills in analytic (critical) thinking, research methods, including use of computer technology, oral presentations, and written communication in order to be prepared for employment and/or advanced study.
Who is the author of Worlds of History? Kevin Reilly.
Who is the author of When Asia Was the World? Stewart Gordon.
Who is the author of A History of a Temptation? Jack Turner.
If you miss more than five classes then you will receive? a 3 point reduction from your final grade.
If you miss more than eight classes then you will? be removed from the course by the registrar.
Wendelken does not accept? late assignments unless you have consulted with her before the assignment is due.
There are how many exams? three.
Papers are worth how many points? 30%
Quizzes are worth how many points? 10%
Engagement is worth how many points? 10%
Exams will be graded on what scale? 60%- historical content (facts, names, etc.), 35% analysis-what do these facts mean? why are they important?, and 5%- use of documents to support your arguments.
Created by: danreid