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A World in 6 Glasses

when in history did beer develop? during the rise of early civilization
What cultures first developed beer? Mesopotamians and egyptians
what was beer made from barley
where was wine first cultivated? the middle east
what group first studied viticulture? greeks
how was ancient wine stored? in amphora
what were greek partied called? covivium or symposium
What were beverages used for? currency, religious rites, political symbols/sources for artistic inspiration
What beverage was banned after the collapse of the Roman Empire and the rise of islam? wine
beverages were derived from barley and wheat
First made beverage beer
beer was discovered in around 10000 BCE in an area known as the fertile crescent
Sharing drinks universally symbolized hospitality and friendship
When beer was created people began to make permanent settlements
The epic of Gilgamesh was a poem about beer
Archaelogical evidence shows that grains were stored in pottery/clay jars
Wine helped develop social classes
a meeting or conference for the public discussion of some topic especially one in which the participants form an audience and make presentations symposium
Watering down wine was considered more civilized
The Romans took over the wine industry from the Greeks
When wine increased popularity, beer was still around but not consumed by the upper class
symposiums were places were people could truly speak their truth whether drunk or sober
How was beer first used as? it was first used alternately as a social drink with a shared vessel, as a form of edible money, and as a religious offering
In early civilizations, what two items were eventually required for all citizens to have in order to live? bread and beer
In which society was wine more available? Greek
In Greek society, where was wine used outside the symposium? Wine was also used to medicinally to clean wounds
What happened to wine in Roman civilization? Class distinctions emerged, brand of wine mattered. and Roman farmers began to grow grapes instead of grains
What group of people, specifically, first fermented beer? The Sumerians
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