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Depressive & Bipolar

OM 4 - Lec. 2

Difference between Mood v. Affect Mood - What the patient tells you how they feel Affect - how the pts emotional state is perceived by you
MOOD DISORDERS to follow .
Criteria for Dx of Major Depressive Episode ? * 2 week period of either DEPRESSED MOOD or ANHEDONIA ( - pleasure) plus 5 of the following: wght loss, hyper/insomnia, psychomotor retard (slow mvt), low concentration, suicidal ideals
Mnemonic for Major Depressive Episode ? D+SIGECAPS D - depressed mood S - sleep disturbance I - interest decrease G - guilt E - energy diminished C - concentration low A - appetite change P - psychomotor low/higher S - suicidal
Criteria for Dx of Manic Episode ? *elevated/expansive or irritable mood for 1 week *see impairment *3 of the following: grandiosity, low sleep, highly talkative, race of thoughts, high psychomotor/goal, involvement in high risk behaviors (sex/drugs/gambling/etc.)
Mnemonic for Manic Episode? DIGFAST D - distractibility I - insomnia G - grandiosity F - flight of ideas (lots of thoughts) A - activities (increased goal actions) S - speech (high talkative) T - thoughtlessness (risky behavior)
Criteria to Dx a Hypomanic Episode ? * same as Manic, but for only 4 days
Differences between Manic and Hypomanic ? **Manic is atleast 1 wk and see impairments in functioning **Hypomanic is atleast 4 days, but not over 7, and NO impairments seen at all
Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder basics? *kids 6-18 *out of proportion temper tantrums/outbursts 3 or more x a week *higher in males *difficult to distinguish from bipolar
Major Depressive Disorder Dx ? * 1 or more Major Depressive Episodes *NO manic, hypomanic, or mixed epidodes
MDD usual age of onset ? * 18-29 y/o (mid-20's)
MDD Risk and Prognostic factors ? * temperamental - neuroticism (negative affectivity) * environmental - stressful/bad life experiences * genetic -1 deg. relatives
Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia) Clinical Dx ? * depressed mood more days than not depressed for atleast 2 years * can have MDD at same time * NEVER manic/hypomanic episode
Risk and Prognostic factors ? * childhood risk w/ parent loss/separation *can be genetic
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder clinical Dx ? * in majority of menstrual cycles, 5 symptoms present in week before, improves within onset of cycle, and absent/minimal postmens. week
Can help ? oral contraceptives
Bipolar I Disorder Dx ? * MUST have a manic episode *can remain at manic state, drop to hypomanic state, or cycle to the depression state
Bipolar II Disorder Dx ? * MUST have 1 hypomanic episode + 1 major depression episode * NO manic or mixed episodes
Risk that is higher in bipolar I than bipolar II, but is high in both ? * suicide risk
Cyclothymic Disorder Dx ? * 2 years a numerous hypomanic episodes and major depression episode that do not fully meet the criteria of either episode *episodes present in over half the 2 years and not been symptom free for over 2 months at a time
Course of Bipolar I, II, and MDE ? * I - stay at manic level or cycle to depressed state and back * II - never reaches the manic state, but same as BP-I * MDE - long periods of depression, with no manic/hypomanic episodes
Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood Dx ? * depressive state begins within 3 months of a new stressor (school, job, moving, etc.) * causes dysfunction in occupational or social issues * symptoms do not last longer than 6 months after stressor is terminated
List the Unipolar Mood Disorders ? * Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder * Major Depression Disorder * Persistent Depression Disorder * Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
List the Bipolar Mood Disorders ? * Bipolar I * Bipolar II * Cyclothymic
Stable and Mild disorders ? * persistent depressive disorder
Stable and Severe disorders ? * Major Depressive Disorder * Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder *
Alternating and Mild disorders ? * Cyclothymic Disorder
Alternating and Severe disorders ? * Bipolar I * Bipolar II
Created by: thamrick800