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Celebrating the Mass_People and Objects - Catholic

Who are the boys and girls that help at Mass Altar Servers
Who are the group of singers Choir
Who is the person who sings solo (alone) and leads special parts of the Mass Cantor
What do you call the people who play musical instruments Musicians
Who helps the priest administer (give out) the Body and Blood of Christ Eucharistic Ministers
Who reads the first and second readings Lector
Who says hello and make us feel welcome in the church Greeters/Ushers
Who guides us to our seats and helps collect our offerings Greeters/Ushers
Who hands out the church bulletins Greeters/Ushers
Who leads us to celebrate Mass Priest
What is our Priest's name Father _________________
What is the name of the wooden bench you sit on at church Pew
What is another name for the holy water fountains or fonts at the entrances of the church Stoup
What is the name of the table of the Lord in the sanctuary Altar
What is the name of the cup used by the priest/Eucharistic ministers for the Blood of Christ Chalice
What is the name of the wine that has been consecrated by the priest at Mass Blood of Christ
What is the name of the bread that has been consecrated by the priest as Mass Body of Christ or Blessed Sacrament
What is the name of the cup with a lid for the Body of Christ in the Tabernacle Ciborium
What are the small pitchers of water and wine for the Mass called Cruets
What is the name of the podium where the lector reads the Lectionary at Mass Lectern
What is the name of the large podium Ambo
What is the name of the cross carried at the beginning of Mass and at the end Processional Cross
What is rung during the Consecration of the Mass Bells
What is the name of the ornate receptacle used to place the Body of Christ Tabernacle
What is the name of the chair that the priest who presides at Mass sits in Presider’s Chair or Celebrant’s Chair
What is the name of the light that burns continually when the Blessed Sacrament is present Sanctuary Lamp
What is the name of the book that has the church hymns or songs in it Hymnal
What is the name of the liturgical book containing all instructions and texts necessary for the celebration of Masses throughout the year Missal
Which book is read during the Liturgy of the Word and read by the lector Lectionary
What is the name of the book used by the priest or deacon to read the Gospel of the day during the Mass Book of the Gospels
Which book does the priest pray from during the Mass at the altar Sacramentary
Created by: LynnV0519



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