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# ADV.D3 Dermal Punc

# ADV.D03 Dermal Puncture 2

What is the proper depth autolet for premataure infants .65 to .85 mm
The proper depth of puncture for infant heels is: Less than 2.0mm
A puncture of 2-3mm is appropriate for: adults
Retractable puncture devices are used to control: both depth and width of puncture
osteomyelitis inflammation of bone usually due to infection. Can be caused by improper capillary puncture.
The distal phalange (distal phalanx) is: The fingertip
The first drop of blood is: Wiped away because it is diluted with tissue fluid and is high in tissue thromboplastin and potassium.
glucose is higher in __________ capillary blood
potassium and calcium is higher in __________ venous blood
Always avoid the same side as a mastectomy because... The blood will have an excess amount of lymph and tissue fluid.
The correct microtainer order of collection is: 1. EDTA 2. Other additive tubes 3. non-additive tubes
residual alcohol can cause __________ when you puncture the skin. hemolysis
How do you create an "arterialized blood specimen" Warm the site for 3 to 5 minutes.
Excessive pressure or squeezing should be avoided since this will.. increase possibility of bruising and hemolysis of the blood.
pouring blood from one additive tube into a different additive tube is... not acceptable. The additives are for different tests and should never be mixed.
If a finger is swollen it has... edema
Blood gases measure pH, oxygen (PO2) , carbon dioxide (PCO2), and bicarb HCO3.
The heel puncture should be made on the... medial or lateral portion of the the plantar surface.
Parkinson's disease can cause an elderly patient to... have muscle tremors
Alzheimer's disease Condition of dementia. Cognitive powers are diminished.
neonatal screening should be done between 24 and 72 hours after birth.
For capillary puncture you need to avoid: edematous areas cyanotic areas cold areas previously punctured areas infected or damaged areas scars
List some reasons that indicate capillary puncture: dehydration obesity fear of needles (needle phobia) small amount of blood required to avoid anemia burn patients patients with difficult veins
What components are elevated in the first drop of capillary blood interstitial fluid, tissue potassium, tissue thromboplastin
Other names for capillary puncture... dermal puncture microcapillary puncture skin puncture
Created by: rjmtoss