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# ADV.D03 Capillary

# ADV.D03 Capillary Puncture Terms

edema A build up of excess fluid between tissue cells.
cyanotic Bluish appearance of skin due to poor circulation.
sclerotic hardened
anemia Lack of blood. May be due to low iron, low number of RBC, or abnormal RBCs
iatrogenic A condition created by the medical treatment.
arteriospasm spasm of arterial wall muscle
gangrene death of tissue
thrombotic Prone to form blood clots
blood volume reduction loss of blood due to phlebotomy
pH acid level of blood
peripheral circulation Circulation in the arterioles and venules throughout the body.
interstitial fluid fluid in the body tissues that is between cells.
arteriole smallest artery
capillary smallest blood vessel in the body. capillary beds are formed by arterioles and venules.
venule smallest vein
distal phalanx fingertip
arterialized capillary blood blood that contains a high amount of arterial blood. Created by warming skin puncture sites before collecting the blood.
glucose simplest form of sugar. Higher concentrations exist in capillary blood.
microhematocrit test that measures the percentage of red blood cells to plasma.
EDTA An anticoagulant additive. Used in tubes for hematological studies.
hemolysis The breakage of red blood cells.
dehydrated a condition in which a patient has
mastectomy surgical removal of a breast. Leaves patient with excess body fluid on the site of the surgery.
Web links to capillary puncture documents phocadownload/ csli/H4-A5.pdf
osteomyelitis inflammation of bone usually due to infection
osteochondritis inflammation of bone and cartilage
Web link to BD document on capillary puncture VS8152_LabNotes.pdf
POC / POCT Point of Care / Point of Care Testing. This is a laboratory test that can be done at the patient bedside like blood glucose. The phlebotomist does not do POCT testing unless certified for that individual test.
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