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NCCT Pre-cert notes

NCCT review #3

Sick sinus syndrome is A disturbance of SA nodal function that results in a markedly variable rhythm/
Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) affects arteries in the periphery,(arms, legs, etc) narrowing with plaque
Bloodborne pathogens such as HIV OR HBV must have what to be exposed ? blood to blood contact
What is the order of draw? Yellow, blue, red, green, lavender, gray
Venipuncture procedure step 1 Greet & ID patient
Venipuncture procedure step 2 Explain Procedure
Venipuncture procedure step 3 Assemble equipment
Venipuncture procedure step 4 Clean site - concentric circles (from inside, out)
Venipuncture procedure step 5 Insert needle
Venipuncture procedure step 6 Collect blood
Venipuncture procedure step 7 Remove tourniquet
Venipuncture procedure step 8 label tubes
Needle gauge is the size of the bore of the needle
Septicemia is bacteria in the blood stream
AF is the abbreviation for Atrial Fibrillation
U-wave is thought to be the repolarization of the Purkinje fibers
Exposure to interference will not cause _______ - ________ in the ECG. under-sensing
Sensitivity switch controls the _________ and ________ of the ECG. amplitude and gain
Transcriptionist is when a MD dictates and MA types.
VAD stands for what? venous access devices
Acetone is checking for ________ in urine samples? keytones
Tuning fork is used for what? auditory & sensory perception
Purchase order has what? pre-assigned number to track the order, plus all info needed for order
tube contains SPS, used for cultures and is the first tube in the order of draw Yellow
Tube contains sodium citrate, used for coagulation studies(protects clotting factors) and is second in the order of draw Blue
tube contains serum, used for cholesterol, drug testing, ECT.. and is third in the order of draw Red
Contains heparin used for blood gases, PH and is 4th in the order of draw Green
Contains EDTA, used for hematology and is 5th in the order of draw Lavender
Contains sodium fluoride potassium oxalate and used for glucose=>alcohol and is 6hth in the order of draw Gray
P wave represents atrial depolarization
Q wave represents Bundle of His
R wave represents right and left bundle branches
S wave represents purkinje fibers
QRS represents ventricular depolarization
T wave represents ventricular repolarization
P-R segment Represents the AV node holding the impulse
P-R interval Total atrial activity
S-T segment Very important in determining myocardial Ischemia and or infarction, Hypocalcemia,
Q-T interval total ventricular activity
S-T interval Repolarization/Refractory
Created by: bpstears
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