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Role of the Church

The Roman Catholic Church in Medieval Europe Chapter 3 Topics

What is the Clergy Organization? Pope - Cardinal - Archbishops - Bishops - Priests
Who was St. Benedict, what did he do? The man who developed the monastic way of life in western Europe, he founded a monastery in Italy. His followers became known as the Benedictines, and followed Benedict’s instructions, to live in poverty, chastity (never to marry), and obedience.
Who was St. Francis, what did he do? He founded the Franciscans,also called the Little Brothers of the Poor.Instead of living in monasteries,Franciscan friars traveled among ordinary people to preach and to care for the poor/sick.They lived in complete poverty and had to work/beg for food.
Who was Thomas Aquinas, what did he do? An Italian scholar of philosophy and theology, that tried to bridge the gap between reason and faith.He saw no conflict between faith and reason,because he believed that both were gifts from God.Wrote logical arguments to support how they worked together.
What were the crusades? A series of military expeditions to the land where Jesus had lived.Between 1095 and 1270,Christians organized several Crusades to recover Jerusalem and other holy sites in that region.Went on Crusade to seek wealth,adventure,or believed promised salvation
What did pilgrims do, why did they do it? Traveled long distances to visit holy sites,like Jerusalem (where Jesus was killed),Rome,churches that housed the body parts or belongings of saints.Did these journeys to show devotion to God,an act of penance for their sins,or hopes of being cured (sick)
What were the sacraments, how many of them are there, and what do they mean? Seven.Baptism,entry into a church.Confirmation,formal declaration of belief in God.Eucharist,central part of a mass.Matrimony,marriage.Holy Orders,when a man becomes a priest.Penance confess sins.Extreme Unction,blessing for person in danger of death.
What were monasteries used for? Schooling,place for monks to live
Why did historians sometimes call the Middle Ages the "Age of Faith"? Christian belief was so widespread (spread out over a large area or among many people) during this time.
What were different types of community life like? Monasteries - communities devoted to prayer and service to fellow Christians. Convent - communities were run in the same way as monasteries,Nuns did most of the same types of work that monks performed.
What did Constantine do to help the Christian religion? In 313 C.E., he was the Roman emperor and issued a decree allowing Christians to practice their religion freely.
When did Christianity become the official religion of the Roman Empire? In 395 C.E.
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