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Review questions 2

NCCT Review 2

Failure to achieve an agreed upon result, even when the highest degree of skill has been used, is called? Breach of contract
Tendons, joints, bones, and cartilages are in the ________ system. skeletal
When a pt. has health insurance, the percentage of covered services that is the responsibility of the pt. to pay is known as ________. coinsurance
A health care worker who unconsciously transports harmful bacteria but is not ill is called carrier
A rule of conduct made by the government body is law
A fraudulent signature is called? forgery
The major artery that supplies the abdomen is called the ______ artery. celiac
_______ is the study of words and their relationship to other words in a sentence Grammar
A form to itemize deposits made to savings or checking accounts is called? deposit slip
The femur is located in the ________ leg
A violation of a person's right not to have his or her name, photographed, or private affairs exposed of made public without giving consent is _____________ invasion of privacy
The ulna is located in the _____ arm
Lack of physical or mental fitness is known as incompetence
The process of changing words into numbers so that computers can be used in processing insurance claims is called coding
Information given by a pt. to medical personnel which cannot be disclosed without consent of the person who gave it is Privileged communication
To prevent the insured from receiving a duplicate payment for losses under more than on insurance policy is called coordination of benefits
Payment made periodically to keep an insurance policy in force is called premium
The pubis is located in the pelvis
One who belongs to a group insurance plan is called _______ subscriber 
The auto clave sterilizes or completely destroys microorganisms by combining heat with steam under pressure
The ICD-9 book is used to code Diagnoses
An unexpected event which may cause injury is called accident
The time established for filing law suits is statue of limitations
Responsibility of an employer for the acts of an employee is respondeat superior
A recap sheet that accompanies a Medicare or Medicaid check, showing breakdown and explanation of payment on a claim is called explanation of benefits
Testimony of a witness under oath and written down before trial for possible use when the case comes to trial is deposition
Benefits that are made in the form of cash payment are known as indemnities
A request for payment under an insurance contractor bond is called a claim
A system whereby large quantities of data can be accessed, searched, sorted and arranged very rapidly by computer is called database management system
When writing a business letter, the salutation of a letter should be followed by which punctuation mark? colon
A type of insurance whereby the insured pays a specific amount per unit of service ad the insurer pays the rest of the cost is called co-payment
An unlawful threat or attempt to do bodily injury to another is assault
Insurance that is meant to offset medical expenses resulting from a catastrophic illness is called major medical
The most common type of medical tort liability is negligence
The lower middle area of the abdomen is called the hypogastric region
A computer monitor, hard drive and printer are known as hardware
Right and wrong conduct is known as ethics
The major artery that supplies the thorax is called the _____ artery. intercostal
Health insurance that provides protection against the high cost of treating severe or lengthy illnesses or disabilities is called catastrophic
The windpipe which conducts air between the larynx and lungs is called the trachea
Unauthorized disclosure of information regarding any patient to a third party may result in invasion of privacy
Violation or omission of a legal or moral duty is called breach of duty
A business letter written in full block style have all the lines at the left hand margin
A crime for which greater punishment is imposed other than a misdemeanor is felony
Bones are built to provide support and structure
A skilled nursing facility for patients receiving specialized care ager discharge from the hospital is called Insurance agent
Before placing a telephone call on hold it is appropriate to all answers are correct. ask, wait for them to confirm, obtain return #
A patient's failure to act prudently and reasonably, or doing that which a reasonable person would not do under similar circumstances is called contributory negligence
The major vein that drains the upper arm is called the brachial
Permission granted by a person voluntary and his right mind is consent
Business or handwritten mail that weighs less than 11 ounces is known as _____ class mail first
A rider added to a policy to provide additional benefits for certain conditions is called dread disease rider
An act that violates criminal law is called crime
Which of these generally results from an act of carelessness, without an intent to harm? A) manslaughter B)slander C)breach of confidentiality D)malpractice breach of confidentiality
A deliberate physical attack upon a person is called battery
When you wash your hands you should stand so your clothes do not touch the sink
The lateral movement of the limbs away from the median plane of the body, is called abduction
To interrupt or discontinue a suit temporarily with the intention or resumption at a later date, or to ask for a continuance is called a suspension
When the internal environment of the body is functioning properly, a condition of _____ exists homeostasis
dilated veins that occur in the rectum are known as hemorrhoids
The term for the technology that tells a computer what to do is known as the software
The faucet is turned off with a paper towel
Inflammation of the pleura is called pleurisy
The tibia is located in the leg
A person being sued is called the defendant
Washing out the stomach through a nasogastric tube is called lavage
As part of the office bookkeeping procedures, the physician's bank statement should be reconciled with the Checkbook
A serious chronic disease of the liver is called cirrhosis
A coronary occlusion causing a condition that produces chest pain is called angina pectoris
Located between the pharynx and trachea, and containing the vocal cords is the Larynx
Under the peer review improvement act of 1982, peer organizations are responsible for the review for appropriateness and necessity of putting a patient into the hospital by a process known as ______ review. admissions
The reference procedural code book that uses a numbering system developed by the AMA is called current procedural terminology
Negligence by a professional person is called malpractice
A person who represents either party of an insurance claim Adjuster
The branch of study of moral issues, questions, and problems arising in the practice of medicine and in biomedical research is called bioethics
A record of debits, credits, and balances is referred to as a patients ledger
In the human body, the senses include all of the following except ______ A)ears B)nose C)teeth D)eyes teeth
A method of charging whereby a physician presents a bill for each service rendered is call fee-for-service
E/M codes are located in the ______ manual. CPT
The statement " A physician shall respect the law" is a part of the. AMA code of ethics
A pt. receiving ambulatory care at a hospital or other health facility without being admitted as a bed pt. is called outpatient
An incoming call should be answered by the ___ ring third
Conduct, courtesy and manners that are customary used in a medical office by medical professionals are known as medical etiquette
an interval after a payment is due to the insurance company in which they policy holder may make payments, and still the policy remains in effect is called grace period
Whooping cough is another name for pertussis
A wrong committed against another person or the person's property is a tort
________ is a method used for determining whether a particular service or procedure is covered under a patient's policy. Pre-certification
The science of the function or cells, tissues and organs of the body is called physiology
An accumulation of air in the pleural cavity after the lungs collapse is known as pneumothorax
The healthy adult excretes daily approximately ____ of urine. 1000 to 1500 milliters
A health care program for people age 65 and older under social security is called Medicare
the tricuspid valve is located on the ___ of the heart right side
A disease state results form the invasion and growth of microorganisms in the body is _____ an infection
The bladder, urethra, kidneys and ureters are in the ___ system urinary
________ are defined as what are right and wrong Ethics
A physician must have the pt.'s permission in writing to reveal any confidential information except for a gunshot
A unilateral paralysis that follows damage to the brain is called hemiplegia
An intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right is calld. fraud
A statute that enforces private right and liabilities, as differentiated from criminal law is called a civil law
A notice of insurance claim or proof of loss must be filed within a designated ____ or it can de denied. time limit
When using a fire extinguisher to hose should be directed to the base of fire
Low income pt.'s cam ne covered by what type of insurance? Medicaid
The computer command, DEL means delete
Which one of the following items is not needed when taking a routine phone message? A)Current date B) Caller's driver license # C)caller's name D)Caller's return # Callers driver license number
Failure to do something that a reasonable person would do under ordinary circumstances that ends up causing harm to another person or a person's property is negligence
A signature on the revers side of a check is called endorsement
The central middle area of the abdomen is called the umbilical region
It is _____ to deny treatment to an HIV infected pt. unethical
The major artery to the head is called the carotid
The process by which an object or area becomes unclean is contamination
The heart, lymphatic organs, and blood vessels are in the ______ system cardiovascular
The maxilla is located in the head
The radius is located in the arm
A civilian health and medical program of the uniform services is called Tri-Care
In insurance, greater coverage of diseases or an accident, and greater indemnity payment in comparison with a limited clause is called comprehensive
Latin for "things decided'- that is, a matter already decided by judicial authority is called. res judicate
Practices to achieve asepsis are known as contamination and clean technique
What office instrument is designed to receive and send printed documents via the telephone? fax machine
A weakness in the walls of muscle that allows underlying tissue to push through, it is called a hernia
A newsletter that weighs less than one pound would be considered ____ class mail third
The metacarpals are located in the hand
An agreement by which a patient assigns to another party the right to receive payment from a third party for the service the patient has recevied is called assignment of benefits
The majority of the bones in the arms and legs are _____ bones long
Foods that are mild in flavor and easy to digest comprise a bland diet
The major vein that drains the head and brain is called the Jugular
The inability to control the passage of urine in the bladder is called urinary incontinence
Inflammation of the gallbladder is called cholecytitis
A form of insurance paid by the employer proving cash benefits to workers injured or disabled in the course of employment is called Workers' Compensation
An impartial panel established to listen to and investigate pt.'s complaint about medical care or excessive fees is called a _______ committee medical grievance
An injury that prevents a worker from performing one or more of the regular functions of his job would be known as partial disability
An obstruction of a coronary artery causing death of an area of the myocardium due to blockage of blood supply and oxygen is called myocardial infarction
The division of the trachea which enter the lungs are called the bronchi
The _____ form is used by non-institutional providers and suppliers to bill Medicare, Part B covered services CMS-1500
Insurance plans that pay a physicians full charge if it does not exceed his normal charge or does not exceed the amount normally charged for the service. Usual, customary, reasonable
A doctor who agrees to accept an insurance companies pre-established fee as the maximum amount to be collected. Participating Physician
In insurance coding using and "E" code designates classification of environmental events, such as poising
Varicose veins of the anal canal or outside the external sphincter are called hemorrhoids
Which codes can modifiers be added to, to indicated that a procedure or service has been altered in some way? ICD-9-CM
A writ that commands a witness to appear at a trail or other proceeding and to give testimonoy is a(n) subpoena
The use of ultrasound to produce a picture of the structure of the heart is called echocardiography
A gallbladder disorder involving stones in the gallbladder is called cholelithiasis
Diseases that are communicated from one person to another are called contagious
The computer's direction arrow keys ______ move the cursor right, left, up or down
______ is a federal regulation that requires health care professionals to protect the privacy and confidentiality of pt.'s health information. HIPAA
Latin for "he who acts through another acts for himself" is called qui facit per alium facit per se
In the health care field the acronym HIPAA stand for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
The ability to see things form another person's point of view empathy
The study of bones osteology
What kind of environment do microorganisms grow best in? dark and warm
The sebaceous glands, skin, hair, and nails make up the _______ system integumentary
One of the arteries that supplies the had and forearm is called the ulnar
Making a duplicate file to protect computer information from being lost is called making a backup
The breaking of a law, promise, or duty is called breach
When handling incoming mail the medical assistant should attach the envelope to the correspondence
The right ventricle pumps blood to the lungs by way of the pulmonary artery
You should wash your hands approximately 1-2 minutes
Inflammation of the gums is called gingivitis
Injuring the name and reputation of another person by making false statements to a third person is defamation
Prior to answering an incoming call the MA should smile
A person or institution that give medical care is a(n) provider
An amount insured must pay before policy benefits begin is called deductible
The presumption or inference of negligence when an accident is otherwise unable to be explained in terms of ordinary and known experience is called res ipsa loquitur
Consent to treatment on a full understanding of a possible risk of unpreventable results of the treatment is called assumption of risk
Parcel post or _____ class mail is used for bound printed matter, film and sound recordings fourth
One who institutes a law suit plaintiff
Groups or clusters of bacteria take for laboratory study are called cultures
A sum of money provided in an insurance policy, payable for covered services. Benefits
A person who is no longer under the care, custody or supervision of a parent is called a(n) emancipated minor
Latin for "things done; deed"; the facts and circumstances attendant to the act in question would be called res gestae
The upper middle area of the abdomen is called the epigastric region
The liver, stomach, mouth and pancreas are in the ______ system digestive
The medical name for a nose bleed is called epistaxis
One of the vital functions of long bones is the formation of Blood cells
The humerus is located in the arm
The vertebrae are located in the back
Infected pressure sores on the skin are called decubitus ulcers
The trachea, nose, lungs and pharynx are in the ______ system respiratory
That which in natural and continuous sequence, unbroken by any new independent cause, produces an event, and without which the injury would not have occurred is called_____.  proximate cause
To correct a handwritten error in a pt.'s chart, it is only acceptable to draw a line through the error, insert the correct information, date and initial it.
A statement given concerning some scientific, technical or professional matter by an expert, such as a physician is called expert testimony
An organization that offers health insurance at a fixed monthly premium with little or no deductible and works through a primary care provider is called health maintenance organization
A Latin term signifying that a person is not of sound mind is non compos mentis
The sphenoid bone is located in the head
The patella is located in the knee
Medical research is often published in medical journals that are evaluated by members of the medical community through a process known as. peer review
A bed pt. in a hospital is called a(n) inpatient
An extrauterine pregnancy in which the fertilized ovum beings to develop outside the uterus is called ectopic
When using a computer, the term "user friendly" refers to how easy the system is to operate
Deoxygenated blood enters the right atrium and heads into the right ventricle
Holding or detaining a person against there will is false imprisonment
The metatarsals are located in the foot
If the septum of the heart has an abnormal opening it is referred to as a septal defect
The health worker is protected by law if it can be determined that he or she acted reasonable as compared with fellow workers this is called reasonable care
Aerobic bacteria prefer which of these environmental conditions to grow well? A)temp above 100F B)oxygen C)extremely dry environment D)increased nitrogen concentration oxygen
The muscle that flexes and supinates the forearm is called biceps brachii
The final decision of a court in an action or suit is judgment
A previous injury, disease, or physical condition that existed before the health insurance policy was issued is called preexisting condition
The smaller of the lower leg bones is called the fibula
the withdrawal of a physician from the care of a pt. without reasonable notice of such discharge form the case by the pt. is abandonment
What license must a provider have to dispense, prescribe or administer controlled substances narcotic
Inflammation of the nasal mucosa results in rhinitis
An agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of some definite thing is contract
A legal statement of how and individual's property is to be distributed after death is will
The second portion of the small intestine is called the jejunum
The name for the collar bone is clavicle
Payment for hospital charged incurred by an insured person because of injury or illness is called Hospital Benefits
A letter should be folded in ____ using a #10 envelope thirds face up
The brain nerves and spinal cord are in the ____ system nervous
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