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WorldHistory Midterm

William Shakespeare most famous writer of the Elizabethan Age
Renaissance the term means rebirth and in this context it refers to a revival of art and learning
vernacular everyday language
utopia "no place" an ideal place
Johann Gutenburg developed a painting press that incorporated number of technology in a new way
Patron a person who supports artists especially
perspective shows 3 dimensions on a flat surface
humanism renaissance intellectual movement in which thinkers studied classical texts and focused on human potential and achievements
steppe dry grassland of Eurasia provides home
clan large group of people related to a common ancestor
Genghis khan leader who bought together the Mongol clans
Marco Polo traveler from Venice who served Kublai Khan for 17 years
5 pillers
muslim follower of the religion Islam
jihad "striving" can refer to the inner struggle against evil
caliph highest political and religious leader in a Muslim government
nomad person with no permanent home, moves from place to place
oasis place of water, food, and shade in the middle of the ocean
allah one god of Islam
quran holy book of Islam
lay appointment of religious officials by kings or nobles
mono one, single
poly many
theo god
minaret tower from which Muslims care called to prayer
tournament staged battle for entertaining audiences and training knights
clergy religious officials
sacrament important religious ceremony
Holy Roman Empire kingdom originally made up of what is now Germany and Italy
analysis ability to see parts and relationship
synthesis use parts to create a new whole
knowledge recalling information
serf peasant who could not lawfully leave the place where he or she was born
manor lords estate
tithe church tax; usually 1/10 of a peasant familys income
chivalry code of behavior for knights
lord landowner
fief land granted by a lord to a vassal
vassal person receiving a fief from a lord
knight warrior on horseback who promised to defend his lords, lands, in exchange for a fief
monastery religious community of people devoting their lives to worship and prayer
secular concerned with worldly things
charlemagne powerful Frankish rulers who built a huge empire
cultural borrowing taking ideas, traditions, from another culture and made it their own
kami divine spirits that dwelled in nature
middle ages period of European history from 500 to 1500
archipelago island group
bushido code that samurai lived by " way of the warrior"
samurai Japanese warrior who served a lord
shinto japans earliest religion
Golden horde the army of mongol tartars that overran eastern Europe
justinians code body of Roman law collected and organized by Justinian around 534 ad
plague an epidemic disease that causes high mortality
crusades holy war
ethnic group relating to races or groups of people with common culture of food
feudalism the feudal system or its principals and practices
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