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356 Final

State Fission Intrastate conflict, often two or more ethnic groups fighting and pulling the state to extremes. I.e. Syria
Local vs. Global Events ICTs allow events/natural disasters to have a global response. (Philippines driven by social media vs. Wilson Hall suicide.)
Globalization and effect on language World is flatter, singular language controls business transactions. Lingua franca.
Criticisms of globalization Skeptics dont believe globalization has changed the fundamental structure of the world that does/had already existed.
Kimberly process Attempted to stop the flow of blood diamons
Samual Huntington Clash of Civilizations. "Islam has bloody borders.:
Democratic deficit Citizens have less say in what transactional corporations do, even if the corporations operate democratically. Institutions take the decisions away from the people.
1995 Bejing UN women's conference Hillary Clinton, "Women's rights are human rights."
Orgs that regulate global economics GATT, IMF, WTO
Stephen Krasner Positive sovereignty, capacity for an effective civil government
Rosenau Two worlds in global politics: a state-centric world, and a global centric world. States are in an authority crisis.
The Roma Gypsies
Female underside of globalization, and primary victims. Sex trafficking, Thailand
US rank on globalization indices Now well, behind most western European countries
Eco migration Flooding and other environmental changes that force movement and migration
Jagdish Bhagwati Old Marxist, thought largely influenced globalization
Collective good Clean air, the environment, and other things that everyone has access to.
Chaos theory Finite number of possibilities, but that there are many "random" possibilities
Fragmentation Rosenau theory on groups breaking into pieces smaller than the whole
Epistemic communities Community of experts on a particular subject
Insular and Resistant locals Insular are sheltered/community focused. Resistant are reactant on outside forces.
Three institutional pillars of globalization WTO, World Bank, IMF
Global elite and their culture Speak English, financially secure, educated, live in global cities
Ghostnest Cyberwarfare
McDonaldization Making global products local, multicultural homogeneity. Using a global brand to sell local items.
Legitimacy People being ruled believe the rulers have the right to be in power.
Race to the bottom Efficiency, getting the most output for the least input
Suttee Women throwing themselves on the burning pile of their husbands in India
BRICS Brazil, India, China, South Africa
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