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What is Hejira? migration of Muhammad & Abu Bakr from Mecca to Medina -- 622
Hejira signifies the start of... the Islamic calendar
What is Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca
You only take part in Hajj if... you can afford it
How many times do you have to take part in Hajj? At least once
What is the Caliph? ruler of the Islamic faith
Who is Muhammad? messenger and prophet of God
Islamic place of worship? Mosque
The rules by which Muslims live are called ... the Five Pillars of Faith
Second largest denomination of Islamic faith Shiite
Largest denomination of Islamic faith Sunni
Islam word for God Allah
Who built the Kabba? Abraham & Ishmael
What was the Kabba built around? The place beneath Ishmael's heel that produced water
The Kabba is draped in black cloth. True or False True
Ishmael is the son of Abraham and Sarah
Holy book is Islam? Koran
The Muslims lead the world to advances in both of these subjects. Math / Science
Who are the Anadusia? Desert dwelling ethnic group
What are crusades? Holy wars
Who fought in the crusades? Muslisms & Christians
Why were the crusades fought? To gain ownership of Jerusalem
When were the crusades fought? the Middle Ages
The Ottoman Empire were Turkish speaking people who... converted to Islam.
How long did the Ottoman Empire last? 1300's - WWI
Bedouins are... nomadic Arabs/ wanderers
Why is Jerusalem considered a holy city to the Islamic faith? Muhammad ascended to heaven from there.
Does the religion of Islam support terrorism? Depends on the Muslim
According to the Koran, how should Jews/Christians be treated by Muslim conquerors? Muslims are to tolerate the Jews/Christians b/c they are people of the book and they all believe in one God.
What are the Five Pillars of Faith? 1) Shahadah - profession of faith(only one God) 2) Hajj - Pilgrimage to Mecca 3) Sawm - Prayer 4) Zakat - Charity 5) Ramadan - fasting
What kind of people do not have to fast during Ramadan? The elderly,ill, children, and mothers-to-be
Why did the Sunni and Shiites split? The Battle of Karbala - 680 AD
Who do Shiites believe should be the Caliph? Descendents of Muhammad
Who do Sunnis believe the Caliph should be? Elected from the group
Which denomination of Islam lives mostly in Iraq/Iran? Shiites
The Shiites celebrate which holiday that the Sunnis do not? Ashura
How did Islam spread? Muhammad united nomadic tribes thus spreading to Egypt, Persia, Spain, Babylon
Shahada is profession of faith
Salat is prayer 5x a day toward Mecca
Which denomination has the option to double up on prayer? Shiites
Zakat is charity to the poor
Ramadan is fasting
Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca
What is Sharia? Islamic Holy Law, rules for daily life,
Who are the four types of people who live in the Middle East? Arabs, Persians, Hebrews & Kurds
Ummah means Islamic community
Dar al Islam means World of Islam
Two holiest places of Islam? Mecca & Medina
How do Muslims view polygamy? It's okay if husband can afford all the wives and treat them fairly. They prefer an even number of wives.
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