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Ch. 11

Byzantine Empire and Ancient Arabia

1. In what way was the Byzantine Empire related to the Roman Empire? It was dumb
2. Which describes the climate in the southern European part of the Empire? nofhdgvbfhuvbfidofvwbhguiooughdiocnfogvyyucgyuxbfvecgfrfyugwdqowcgyugcobdsjcdb
3. How did the physical geography of the Byzantine Empire affect how people lived? vbfgvbyusdgbc
4. Where was Constantinople located? on my face
5. Why was Constantinople an important center of trade?
6. What was one goal of the emperor Justinian for the Byzantine Empire?
7. What was the name of the greatest cathedral in the Byzantine Empire? none
8. Which is one reason why Justinian rebuilt the Hagia Sophia?
9. What played a role in the split of the Christian church?
10. Who founded the religion of Islam?
11. How did Islam first begin to spread?
12. Which is NOT a pillar of Islam?
13. Why is the Quran important to Muslims? animals made it
14. How were lands that were once part of the Byzantine Empire added to the Islamic world? through Muslim wars and conquests
15. Which was required of non-Muslims wherever Muslims ruled? pay a special tax, cannot marry Muslim women, cannot worship outdoors, cannot hold postions of power.
16. Which of these advances in navigation helped expand the Islamic world? astrolabes and triangular sails
17. What did people living in the different parts of the Byzantine Empire do to make a living? In southern and eastern Europe, people grew crops or raised sheep or goats. In northern Africa and southwestern Asia, some people were nomadic herders of sheep, goats, and camels. Others were merchants and artisans.
18. How did Constantinople become the capital of the Byzantine Empire? It was chosen as the Roman capital by Constantine I. Leaders of the city built walls on all sides.
19. Summarize the events in the life of Muhammad leading to the acceptance of Islam as a major religion. Muhammad went to the desert to meditate and pray, and an angel visited him. He was directed to share a message of one God. He began to preach in public.
20. In what five basic duties do followers of Islam believe? 1. profession of faith in one god; 2. five daily prayers; 3. giving to the poor; 4. fasting during Ramadan; and 5. a pilgrimage to Mecca
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