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Korea and Japan

Shintoism japanese religion that stresses the link between people and the forces of nature
kami the spirits to whom the mongols prayed
samurai japanese warrior knights
Daimyo powerful samuri warriors under the control of japans Tokugawa shogunate (1600-1868)
Shogun chief general of the army who was the real ruler in feudal japan
Armistice truce or agreement to end fighting
Annex add territory to ones own country
Pacifism opposition to the use of force under any circumstances
Kim II Sung builder of a totalitarian state in North Korea from 1948-1994 isolated North Korea preached juche (self reliance)
King Jung Un current supreme leader of North Koera the kind of Kim Jong II
Code of bushido "the way of the warrior" governed the relationship between the lord and his samuri loyalty above all else respected for military values of bravery self-discipline and honor.
Emperor supreme ruler of an empire
Clans a group of people who are descendants of common ancestors
Tokugawa a member of a powerful family in Japan that ruled as shoguns
Ring of Fire the linear zone of seismic and volcanic activity that coincides in general with the margins of the specific plate.
Zen form of Buddhism in Japan that emphasizes meditation and self discipline as the way to achieve salvation
Zaibatsu in japan powerful family groups that founded huge business conglomerated that controlled large parts of the economy
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