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Gods -Eygpt

Term for a god for a specific area of life patron god
God associated with the sun Ra (re)
God of the Dead Osiris
Holy force that provides balance, harmony and righteousness Ma'at
Pharaoh known for trade expedition to Kingdom of Punt Hatshepsut
New Kingdom pharaoh know for military leadership and monument building Ramses II
Great Pyramid was built by this Pharaoh Khufu
The first Pharaoh Menes (Narmer)
Absolute leader of Eygpt Pharaoh
Second most powerful official in Egypt, advisor to the pharaoh vizier
worship of a single god monotheism
Were Egyptians monotheistic or polytheistic polytheistic
Worship many gods polytheistic
what form did Egyptain gods take? part human, part animal
belief that existence continues in some form beyond death afterlife
collection of spells to help the dead navigate the underworld book of the dead
homes for the gods temples
Divine - pharaoh was considered to be devine god-like
role of pharoah in religion meadiator (go between) for gods and his subjects
who worshipped at temples priests and pharoah
repeated action that have special religious meaning rituals
way in which priests and the people kept gods blessing offerings/sacrifices
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