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Review questions 1

NCCT Review

A drug used to control temperature is called an_________ antipyretic
A drug that causes dilatation of blood vessels is called a ______ Vasodilator
Schedule IV drugs include minor tranquilizers and hypnotics that have lesser potential for abuse
It is recommended that protective masks and eye wear, of face shields, be worn by laboratory tech's, or housekeeping personnel at when cleaning up blood for body fluid
The medical term for a decrease in size or wasting is atrophy
When performing an EKG, V1 is placed at the 4th intercostal space right sternal border
In the positioning of the electrodes, if the electrodes are placed too close together, the amplitude will be small
The large squares on the ECG paper are equal to .20 seconds
To use a physical chemical procedure to destroy all microbial life including highly resistant bacterial endospores is to Sterilize
When performing venipuncture, which of the following should be drawn first? A)green B)red C)lavender D)gray B) RED
Nitroglycerine is used for ____________ treatment of angina pectoris
when preparing a blood smear from a skin puncture you should ______ the first drop wipe away
A drug that causes urination is called diuretic
While the duration of the ST segment is not generally of clinical significance, it is an exceedingly important portion of the ECG because of the shift up and down from baseline
The medical term turning the palms forward, as applied to the hand is ________ supination
When the pressure is lowest, this pressure is called diastolic pressure
When mixing reagents always read the label twice
A drug that decreases congestion is called a decongestant
When a physician dictates an operative report and asks the MA to type it up, the physician is asking the MA to function as a ______? transcriptionists
A PVC where the QRS have the same configuration each time they appear is called uniform
An apical pulse is the method of choice for_________. infants and young children
Contact with blood, or other body fluids to which universal precautions apply through percutaneous inoculation, or contact w/ an open wound, non-intact skin, or mucous membrane during the performance of normal duties" is the definition of _____ Human exposure
Biohazard labels must be colored orange-red
A rapid, irregular succession of chaotic bizarre waves; wide, irregular oscillation of the baseline is called ventricular ______ fibrillation
The medical term for the basic unit of body structure is ____ cell
The process of killing all microorganisms in a certain area is called _______ sterilization
When anticoagulated blood is centrifuged _____ goes to the bottom of the tubes RBC'S
Which is recorded as the systolic blood pressure? point of the 1st or last sound heard? point of the 1st sound heard
The balance between the heat produced and the heat lost is the body temp
The color coding for a stopper of a tube w/ no additives is (collection of serum) red
When writing a business letter, the salutation of a letter should be followed by which punctuation mark? colon
the temperature taken at the armpit is the ____ axillary temperature
What type of blood sample is needed when performing PKU? capillary
When collecting blood by skin puncture on an infant, you should use a ___ lancet
When a patient is positioned on the abdomen, arms under the head, with the head turned to one side the patient is in the ____ position prone
Use you index finger when you _____ for a vein. palpate
In cases of blood contaminated shoe coverings and gloves should be disposed of in _____ biohazard plastic bags orange-red
A drug that causes the pupil of the eye to dilate is called a ______ mydriatic
Conversion of a dysrhythmia to a normal rhythm by applying electric shock to the chest is called _______ defibrillation
Any individual, living or dead, whose blood, or OPIM may be a source of occupational exposure to the employee is called a(n) _____ source individual
What Federal agency requires the use of Sharps containers? OSHA
Oxygen is administered to the patient by way of a ______ tent, cannula, catheter
An ECG tracing measure the amount of voltage and the _____ it takes for the voltage to travel throughout the heart. time
A 12 month period selected for financial purpose is called a(n) year fiscal
The buccal method of administering a drug is done by placing the med between the gum an check
Some clinical signs for head injury include vomiting, confusion, headache
The medical term for when menstruation stops is menopause
Which of these lab tests monitor anticoagulation therapy? A)Hb,Hct B)PT,PTT, C)ABO,RH D)T3,T4 B) PT,PTT
The maixium time a tourniquet should be tied on the upper arm while drawing blood is 1 minute
To obtain a specimen for a throat culture the ____ must be swabbed oropharynx and tonsillar area
The physician has ordered 0.2 Gm of a medication. The amount on hand is 400 mg tabs. How many tablets will be given to the patient? .5
Another term for acetone in the urine is ketones
Periodically the medical assistant should check all equipment in the office to ensure that cords are not frayed, do not present hazards, and are in good working order. A(n) ____ will help the medical assistant track this routine inspection maintenance log
A downward or negative wave of an electrocardiogram following the P wave is the Q
A drug used to prevent blood from clotting is called an Anticoagulant
In the evacuated blood collection system the evacuated glass tubes come in different sizes, and the stoppers are _____ to demote the type of additive or lack of one color-coded
The blood lancet is used for the collection of blood specimens by skin puncture
The suffix -emia mean blood
The abbreviation for drops is gtt
What is a break in a bone without penetration of the skin surface over the fracture site called close fracture
Body language, body posture, space and distance are all examples of non-verbal communication
The medical term for straightening of a body part is extension
In the medical office the most frequently performed pulmonary function test is spirometry
_______ is the single most important source of HIV and HBV in the work place blood
The ______ wave represents atrial depolarization P
When collecting blood for a hematocrit test use a lavender top evacuated tube
When measuring Blood Pressure which of the following is correct? A)the cuff should be applied to the bare upper arm B)room should be quiet so that bp can be heard C)sphygmomanometer needs to be visible D) all correct D) all correct
The Internal Revenue Service issues a(n) ______ to medical groups or solo practices for income tax purpose federal tax identification number
Lying supine with knees sharply flexed and separated is known as the ____ position dorsal recumbent
An instrument used for auditory and sensory perception is called the tuning fork
Contaminated laundry shall be ______ where it is soiled bagged or containerized at the location
A liquid preparation which mixes fine droplets of an oil in water, such a castor oil, is called a(n) emulsion
A rubber or plastic used to drain or inject fluid through a body opening is called catheter
The abbreviation for the right ear is AD
The medical term for paralysis from the waist down is paraplegic
The abbreviation for both ears is AU
A QRS measurement of less than _______ seconds indicates a supraventricular pacemaker 0.12
The cephalic, medial cubital, and basilica veins are ____ used for venipuncture primarily
An instrument called a centrifuge _______ separates the cellular and liquid portion of the blood
When performing an EKG, the electrode site should be clean, smooth and dry
After use, disposable syringes and needles, scalpel blades, and other sharp items should be placed in _____ container for disposal puncture-resistant
A medical assistant would measure the patient's temperature, pulse and respiration when the physician asks him or her to take vital signs
Ventricular depolarization produces and electrical force or vector with 2 componenets: (1) magnitude or force and (2) direction or shape
_______ means any contaminated objects that can penetrate the skin including, but not limited to needles, scalpels, broken glass, broken capillary tubes and exposed ends of dental wires contaminated sharps
When preparing for lead placement you should first care for skin preparation
To determine the size of the needle, remember that the higher the gauge number the ____ the needle smaller
What license must a physician have to dispense, prescribe or administer controlled substances? narcotics
An otoscope is used for examination of the ears
At the location where you are going to feel for a vein, wrap the tourniquet around the arm approximately _____ above the area 3 to 4 inches
The primary anticoagulant additive EDTA removes calcium by forming insoluble or un-ionized calcium slats. it has an advantage of preventing platelet clumping and the formation of artifacts, therefore, good for the preparation of blood films
A respirator rate greater than 24 per minute is called tachypnea
The medical term for an involuntary movement is reflex
How quickly will an electronic thermometer measure body temperature? 2-60 seconds
A date on a bottle of medication that provides a "use until" date is the______ outdate or expiration date
The physician has ordered 500 mg of a medication, the amount on hand is 250 mg per tablet. How many tablets will be given? 2 Tablets
Tubber sleeves on an evacuated tube system make it possible for ____ drawing multiple tubes
Making sure that a tube is correctly labeled with the patient's complete name and identification number is part of the facilities ______ plan quality control
Persistent increased systolic and diastolic pressures are indicative of hypertension
Preparing for a glucose tolerance test ___ hrs before or during the test, the patient should not eat, smoke or dirnk 10
A glucose tolerance test is a _____ test timed
Arterioles are the smallest types of arteries
Which of the following is false? A)veins feel like an elastic tube B)veins pulsate C)veins give under pressure D)veins go in different directions B) veins pulsate
The pharmaceutical abbreviation for as needed is prn
The tube to collect whole blood with no additive in it has a ____ stopper red
When listing to the brachial pulse you will use a stethoscope
When the patient is breathing with only the upper part of the lungs, this is referred to as shallow respiration
To ensure that medical office has the supplies it needs, the medical assistant should establish a(n) all answers are correct (order quantity, reorder point & inventory control log)
When collecting blood for cholesterol test use a _______ top tube red
A 24-hour urine specimen should be chilled/refrigerated
The medical term for the time when mensturation begins is menarche
When the heart rhythm is abnormal it is referred to as an arrhythmia
Which of the following would be the best choice to administer an intradermal injection Tuberculin syringe
Physicians with a narcotics license are required to register on June 30th of each year with DEA
The medical term for paralysis from the neck down is quadriplegia
All spills of blood-contaminated fluids should be promptly cleaned up using ___ approved germicide, or a 1:10 bleach solution an EPA
The blood pressure should not be taken on an arm if on an area with an IV infusion, on an arm with a cast and the patient has had breast surgery on that side
A special device called a "regulator" or "flow meter" is necessary when using oxygen
To cleanse the typical venipuncture site, begin at the intended site of draw and work in a circle to the periphery
What type of blood sample will be needed to perform a hemoglobin test? EDTA added
Determining whether a particular medical treatment will be covered under a pt's insurance policy contract involves a process know as pre-certification
The absence of one or more complete cardiac cycles where the rhythm is interrupted is referred to as sinus arrest
When anticoagulated blood is centrifuged ____ goes to the top of the tubes plasma
When using a centrifuge, make sure equal weights are opposite each other
which of the following locations is usually used for taking a pulse radial
The term "Universal Precautions" is an overall approach to infection control
Schedule I drugs include substances that have no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse
The _____ pages of the PDR is where a medical assistant would be able to locate a medication by brand name or generic name pink
Performing routine maintenance on laboratory equipment is critical. The maintenance plan should include which one of the following? routine cleaning of outside of the equipment with a damp cloth, daily examination of equipment for frayed cords or broken parts,& regularly scheduled check ups
The prefix for below or low is hypo-
The medical term for expanding or opening wider is Dilate
When providing a pt instructions on the collection of a sample for occult blood testing dietary modifications must occur for 48 hours prior to collection of the specimen
Instruction to an insurance company about where and to whom to make payment are called assignment of benefits
A CLIA waived pregnancy test is based on the detection of human chorionic gonadotropin
Medications can be located in the PDR under the following except ____________. A. generic name C. manufacturer B. composition D. classification composition
Reasonable anticipated skin, eye, mucous membrane or parenteral contact with blood, or OPIM that may result from the performance of an employee's duties is called ______. occupational exposure
A __________ is a small sterile needle used to make punctures in the dermis. lancet
When the physician feels with fingers or hands to determine the physical characteristics of tissues or organs it is called _______. palpation
When you use an autoclave, fill the water reservoir with __________. distilled water
A drug that controls appetite is called a(n) _________. appetite suppressor
The abbreviation for ointment is ________. oint, ung
A drug that neutralizes acidity is called a(n) ____________. antacid
A(n) _________ requires the patient to be fasting and then blood is taken every hour for a predetermined time. glucose tolerance test
A business letter written in full block style will have all lines __________. at the left hand margin
The area between waves is referred to as _________. segments
While ordering procedures may vary, generally a Type and Rh are ordered on all pregnant women. This normally is called a __________ screen. prenatal
Listening to the sounds produced while tapping the patient with fingers is called _________. percussion
The combination of sensors or electrodes used for Lead I is ________. left arm, right arm
When performing a venipuncture, if you have the patient ______ the veins will become prominent. make a fist
The tube used to collect a blood sample for a Complete Blood Count (CBC) is _________. lavender top
An inactive substance substituted in place f the actual drug to satisfy the patient is called a(n) ___________. placebo
In the reception area of a medical practice, the computer screen must never be _________. able to be viewed by patients
When performing a venipuncture if no blood flows into the tube how would you correct this situation? gently insert the needle a little deeper, gently pull the needle out just a little & remove the needle and tourniquet and prepare another site
The least reliable measurement of body temperature is ____________. axillary
The amount an insured must pay toward claims each year before the insurance company will pay for medical treatment is known as the __________. deductible
Which needle gauges are most commonly used for venipuncture? 21-22
When taking the pulse, you must be able to report accurately the ________. force of the beat, rate (number of pulse beats per minute) & rhythm of pulse
___________ testing should be made available by the employer to all workers who may be concerned they have been infected with HIV through an occupational exposure. serologic
What is considered a normal pulse rate? 60-100
A physician must have the patient's permission in writing to reveal any confidential information except for which one of the following? A. Pregnancy C. Drug addition B. Gunshot wound D. Anorexia B. Gunshot wound
The process of inhaling and exhaling is called __________. respiration
___________ values are increased in infections and inflammatory diseases. erythrocyte sedimentation rate
A patient positioned on her back with feet in stirrups is said to be in the __________. lithotomy position
Under the Peer Review Improvement Act of 1982, Peer Review Organizations are responsible for the review for appropriateness and necessity of putting a patient into the hospital by a process known as _________ review. admissions
A(n) _______ is created containing the name, address, and phone number of both the vendor and the medical practice. It will also have a pre-assigned number to track the order, the quanity of items ordered, the price of the items, and the date purchased. purchase order
When the heart is contracting, the pressure is highest. this pressure is called the ____. systolic pressure
The lid to the centrifuge should be kept ___ when in use. closed
Blood from all individuals should be considered ______. infective or infectious
When a vector travel away from the positive electrode, a _____ deflection results. negative
When the patient makes abnormal noises like snoring sounds when s/he is breathing, it is called Stertorous respiration
Certain types of cultures, such as deep wound cultures could contain anaerobic pathogens. Which of he following conditions is required for their growth? A. no correct answer B. light and the absence of oxygen C. absence of oxygen D. light and oxygen absence of oxygen
When the patient kneels, and places his/her head and chest on the table with buttocks elevated, it is called the ________ position. knee-chest
a(n) ________ report includes information relating to the patient's main reason for scheduling an appointment to see the physician. history and physical examination
The process of inserting a catheter is called _____. catheterization
When using an evacuated tube for collection of electrolytes use a ________. red top tube
When measuring blood pressure, the bottom number is called ________. diastolic pressure
It is very important when performing a capillary stick to do which one of the following? A. it is very important to do all of the above B. not use alcohol to clean the site c. to forcefully make the puncture d. wipe away the first drop of blood wipe away the first drop of blood
Never clean a glass thermometer with _____. hot water
When handling a patient complaint, you would take all complaints seriously and take thorough notes. True or False True
What is considered a normal adult respiration per minute? 14-20
The fresh-fractional urine specimen is used to test urine for ______. sugar
When doing a venipuncture the syringe or tube should be ___ the venipuncture site to prevent back-flow. below
A drug that reduces anxiety is called a(n)______. tranquilizer
During a venipuncture, to secure the needle during insertion into the tube stopper, you need a ______. holder
In drug testing the _____ regulates how evidence is to be collected and handled. chain of custody
The most accurate and reliable measurement of body temperature is ______. rectal
Viruses can reproduce only in _____. living cells
I during a venipuncture a patient has a syncopal episode what would your best course of action? remove the needle and tourniquet and lower the patient's head and arms
The pharmaceutical abbreviation for three times a day is ______. tid
The use of fetal tissue transplantation for research is a decision based upon Bioethics
Concerning ECGs, for irregular rhythms, any method of rate calculation that depends on intervals between complexes is ________. unreliable
The medical term for groups of cells with the same function is ______. tissue
The main type of sphygmomanometers used in a clinical setting is the ____________. aneroid type
Sodium citrate is an anticoagulant of choice studies because it protects the _________. pro-coagulants
A terminal lethal dysrhythmia, a dying heart is called ______. agonal
When there is no variation of R-R intervals it is called __________. absolutely regular
Body temperature measured under the arm of a patient is called the ______ temperature. axillary
Which of the following is a federal regulation that requires health care professionals to protect the privacy and confidentially of patients health information? HIPAA
Which of the following is used to take an infant's rectal temperature? security thermometer
When a patient's feet are placed I stirrups and the buttocks are positioned at the edge of the exam table, the patient is in the _______ position. lithotomy
A drug used to relieve a cough is called a(n) _______. antitussive
Lying flat on one's back with arms at one's side is the ______ position. supine
Oxygen is ordered as percentage of oxygen concentration and its rate of delivery is written as _____________. liters per minute
The clean-catch urine specimen is also called ________. clean & voided specimen / mid stream specimen
When taking vital signs, a medical assistant must wear gloves, gowns and eye wear. True or False false
A stethoscope is used to listen to body sounds by ______. auscultation
The abbreviation for suppository is _________. supp
An office appointment calendar or book must record not only the name of the patient and the start time of the appointment, but must also indicate the duration of the appointment
The pharmaceutical abbreviation for nothing by mouth is NPO
With vital signs, any abnormal measurement n studies must be immediately reported to the physician
The abbreviation for dressing is dsg
When the depth of breathing changes and the rate of the rise and fall of the chest is not steady, it is called irregular respiration
In the application of electrodes, secure the electrode by rubbing your finger around the adhesive
A "V wave" will ________ be seen in a normal EKG. never
The radial pulse is located in the wrist
When PVC fall on the T wave, occur in pairs, runs of 3 or more, or are multiform in nature, these conditions are called life threatening
The standard point of the lancet to be used when collecting blood from a newborn heel is no longer than ______ in length. 2 mm
Every medical facility is required by OSHA to have an exposure control plan. true or false True
How many microhematocrit capillary tubes should be collected to perform a hematocrit? 2
HIV stands for ___? Human immunodeficiency virus
The most appropriate site for performing a capillary puncture in a healthy adult is the ___________. fingers
When testing for occult blood which of the following specimens would be required? stool
Each prescription for a controlled substance requires the physicians signature and a ____ registration number. DEA
The instrument used to examine the eye is called an ____________. ophthalmoscope
The venipuncture site should be cleansed with __________. an alcohol prep
Which degree of burn is the most serious? third
On a visual acuity reading of 20/60, what does the 20 represent? distance between patient and test chart
The physician has ordered 50mg of Demerol be given to a patient. the amount of hand is 100mg/ml. How many cc's of Demerol will be injected? 0.5 cc
The _______ switch controls the gain or amplitude on the EKG. sensitivity
The medical term for circular movement around a central point is ______. rotation
The first line of defense in preventing disease transmission is _____. medical hand wash
The most important step in the performance of a venipuncture is positively identifying the patient
A drug that produces sleep is called a hypnotic
When preparing a blood film, when you pull the second slide apart from the first slide, let them air dry
Hydrocortisone is a drug used to suppress inflammation
A small adhesive patch or disc used for administration of drugs is called a transdermal system
The abbreviation for elixir is ______. elixs
The medical term for paralysis on one side of the body is ________. hemiplegia
When performing ay CLIA waived test it is important to do what? perform quality control testing with every new kit and routinely thereafter
When performing a venipuncture the tourniquet should be wrapped around the arm about three to four inches from where you are going to _____ for a vein. feel
Which fact is true about the P wave? A. both A & B B. height deflection is small, not more than 3mm C. duration of the P wave is not greater than .011 D. no correct answer D No correct answer
What is suggested procedure for canceling an appointment in the appointment book? mark through the entry with a single red line
Broken glassware which may be contaiminated shall not be picked up directly with the ands, but by mechanical means, such as ________. a brush and dust pan
Performing a ________ as part of a complete blood count determines the ratio of the volume of packed red blood cells to that of whole blood. hematocrit
The abbreviation for fluid is __________. fl or fld
Which of the following is not a criteria for skin preparation for lead placement? make sure the skin is damp when applying the electrodes
All workers whose jobs involve participation in tasks, or activities with exposure to blood , or other body fluids to which universal precautions apply, should be vaccinated with _____. hepatitis B
A specific eye, mouth, mucous membrane or parenteral contact with blood, or OPIM that results from the performance of an employees duties is called ______. exposure incident
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