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Ch.14- Medieval Euro

Chapter 14-Medieval Europe

Which landform separates Europe from Asia? Ural Mountains
In which two regions would you find most of Europe’s farms? North European Plain and Alpine Mountain System
Which is Europe’s longest river? Volga River
How did Europe’s landforms influence people’s lives in the Middle Ages? Deforestation led to planting crops on fertile farmlands.
What is the climate like across most of Europe? temperate
Which of the following describes Charlemagne? ruler who was crowned emperor by Pope Leo III
What was the name for fierce pirates and warriors from Scandinavia? Vikings
Which of the following is true about the Magna Carta? It contained 63 clauses and limited the power of the king.
What event did King John and the Nobles settled in establishing peace in England? The Magna Carta
In the system of feudalism, who farmed the land? serfs
How did feudalism affect the lives of the nobility? Lords and knights were loyal to the monarch and provided protection.
What effect did the manor system have on cities and towns? Because there were crop surpluses in the towns, the towns grew.
Which event marked the decline of Byzantine control over Asia Minor? A group of Muslim Seljuk Turks defeated a Byzantine army.
Why did Emperor Alexius Comnenus ask Pope Urban II for help? He needed Christian knights to help fight against the Turks (muslims).
What is a bubonic plague? a very aggressive epidemic
Where did the Black Death started and how far did it go during the Middle Ages? It started in China and traveled through the Silk Road to the Middle East and later traveled to Europe through land and Italy through sea. (Draw Diagram)
What was the purpose of the Domesday Book? It was a census, or count, of all the people, animals, and businesses in medieval England. It also provided King William with information about his subjects and how they might be taxed.
How did the Magna Carta affect the rule of England? It contained 63 clauses that helped lords, land holders, and eventually all the people of England. The power of the king was limited by the law.
Identify the four levels of feudalism during the Middle Ages and describe how the system resembles a pyramid. The four levels are monarchs, lords, knights, and serfs. It resembles a pyramid with a narrow point, representing the monarchs, and a wide base, representing the serfs.
How did the bubonic plague affect the economy of Europe in the 1300s? (Give 3 examples) 1. The Plague had a negative effect on the economy. 2. The decline in population led to a decrease in food production. 3. Labor shortages took place. 4. trade slowed down, some towns disappeared.
What were the conditions that developed when somebody showed signs of the Black Plague? 1. Black patches on the skin 2. Boils forming in the neck, arms and legs 3. Coughing blood 4. Died in a week.
When the plague killed most of the serfs, what did the serfs demanded from the Kings or Lords if they were to still work for them? More money (higher wages & more freedom.
In the system of feudalism, who ruled the kingdom The Monarch (King or Queen)
In the system of feudalism, who protected the Monarch, Nobles, and peasants? Knights
In the system of feudalism, who taxed the peasants and provided the monarch with knights for security? Nobles (Lords, Barons)
Which is Europe’s 2nd longest river? Danube River
Which is Europe’s busiest river? Rhine River
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