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Islamic Vocabulary

Social Studies

Mecca a city located in Saudi Arabia The most holy city in the Islamic religion
Islam a religion based on the messages hat Muhammad is believed to have received from an angle of god
Muslim a follower of Islam
Qur'an the holy book of Islam
Monotheism the belief in only one god
Mosque a building for Muslim prayer
Allah the Islamic god (means God in Arabic)
Jihad to make and effort, or to struggle; has also been interpreted to mean holy war
Five Pillars of Isalm Five acts of worship that are required of every Muslim
Shahada belief that there is only one god and one prophet who is Muhammad 1st of the Five Pillars
Salat praying 5 times a day facing Mecca 2nd of the Five Pillars
Zakat tithing or giving to the mosque to help the people in need 3rd of the Five Pillars
Ramadan one month of fasting during the day 4th of the Five Pillars
Hajj to visit Mecca at least once in your life time
Caliph the title Muslim use for the highest leader of Islam
Janissaries Ottaman's slave soldiers
Tolerance acceptance
Sufism a movement in Islam that taught people that they can find God's love by having a personal relationship with God
Minarets a narrow tower by which Muslim's are called to prayer
Calligraphy decorative writing
Arabic the language spoken by Arabs
Imoms religious leaders in the Islamic religion
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