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L,A study 1

Sir Lucan tried to convince King Arthur not to kill Mordred
Balyn cut off the head of Lady Nimue .struck the Dolorous stroke,kills his brother balan
The cursed sword the sword Balyn used ,that made a serious of unfortunate events happen
King Pellas suffered the Dolorous stroke,preist of the grail,sinned against Joseph of Arimathea
Elaine daughter of King Pellas,loved Launcelot,had son named Galahad
Brysen evil enchaintress helped Elaine trick Launcelot
Queen Guinevere Arthur's wife ,loves Launcelot,was kidnapped by Melligrance,went to be a nun
Sir Launcelot greatest knight until Galahad , loves Guinevere
Sir Gawain cut off the Lady of the Castle's head when on the quest of the White Hart ,fought green knight ,convinced Arthur to declare war on Launcelot
Green Knight given power by Nimue ,really is Sir Bernlake
Camelot capital of Logres
Uther Pendragon king Arthur's father
Holy Grail the cup Jesus was to have used at the Last supper
Seige Perilous
Sir Bors Launcelot's Cousin,witness of grail ceremony,left to tell story of the grail
Dindrane percivale's long lost sister
Sir Percivale
Lady Plaunchefleur
Created by: kma12