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World History Chp.11

What were Mongols known for? Distructive rades
When Mongols conquered Russia, they formed a what kind of state? trubutary
The model of government that Russia followed from both the Byzantine Empire and Mongol Empire was? absolute rule
The ruler who united the Mongol nomads and helped to develop an empire was? Genghis Kahn
The major dispute between Eastern and Western Christianity was over the use of what? Icons
Eastern Christianity is called? Eastern Orthodox
Western Christianity is called? Roman Catholic
The very first settlement that became the center of the early Russian civilization was the city called? Kiev
The empire that most influenced the development of early Russia was the? Byzantine Empire
The Mameluke's were once originally what? slaves
The Abbasids were rulers of what empire? Muslim Empire
In 945 AD., when the Persians conquered Baghdad, the power to govern was assigned to the what? Sultin
The Seljuk culture was influenced most by who? Persians
In the Seljuk Empire, the vizier was a type of what? Political Leader
The civilization that conquered early Russia was the what empire? Mongol Empire
Two groups of people that had the greatest impact on the development of Russia were? Slavs and Vikings
The Byzantine Empire followed what religion? Eastern Christianity
The main contribution that Byzantine Empire left behind was was the legacy of what two things? Greek and Roman knowledge
The Byzantine Empire's power was based on what? trade
Justinian's greatest achievement was what? Code of laws
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