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How did the Jim Crow laws deny African Americans their founding ideals (freedom, rights, opportunity, and democracy) during the Jim Crow Era? Identify at least four specific laws. Freedom Bus segregation Jim Crow Etiquette Rights Seg. military Opportunity Seg. Schools Democracy Voting restrictio
Identify and explain three reasons why segregation was able to spread so far and become so entrenched (deep rooted) in the South during the Jim Crow Era. Disenfranchisement The African/Americans couldn’t vote Legalization of segregation Plessy V. Ferguson Racial Violence lynchings
Identify and explain three challenges faced by immigrants coming to the US at the turn of the century. Working Conditions Diseases Unsanitary unsafe low-wages long work days child labor Tenements unsafe disease fire-escapes dark
Identify and explain the progressive reforms made by Woodrow Wilson Passed the 16th Amendment(fed. income tax) Passed the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote Federal Antitrust Act Clayton Antitrust Act clearly defines a trust/fed. inforcement
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