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9 weeks exam

a rare type of government that is just a loose alliance of units in a country having equal power is a confederation
when one leader as a dictator holds all the power in a government we call it an autocracy
when a government is a small group of special class of people like the religious theocracy of the Sh'ia priests of Persian Iranians we call it a oligarchy
when the legislature of law making branch of government chooses their head of state as prime minister who is leader of the country we call it Parliamentary Democracy
The West African country with a traditional mixed economy, lots of oil and over 250 ethnic groups and 300 languages is Nigeria
Apartheid were racist segregation laws that keeps apart blacks from whites, who did get to vote, have education, ow property, and have access to good facilities. South Africa
Who became South Sfrica's first black president in 1991 Nelson Mandela
Pan-Africa's goal is to _________ like Zionism's goal for Jewish people unite
Kenya's government is a presidential republic
Which African country has one of the world's cruelest Muslim dictators that allowed millions to be killed. This country also lost some of its former land when the southern portion broke off to be its own country in 2011 Sudan
Which of the following is and example of entrepreneur who create jobs and pay taxes or the government to have money (revenue) provide things like post offices, highways, bridges, schools, police, and militaries person who invents a computer software system
three causes of repeated famine in africa 1. climate changes 2. political conflict 3. corrupt governments
the economic system that is ruled by supply, consumers' demands and price called free enterprise, capitalism, or market economy
a tax, limit on amours, certain buying or selling restrictions, or a complete stop of business with a country are examples of trade or economic barriers
when citizens have strong belief in their country we call it______ nationalism
what happened from the 1500's to the 1800's and it ended in 1808 trans-atlantic slave trade
How was life for the Africans when the Europeans colonized them The Europeans gave Africans indirect rule. They were treated badly but were given education.
the Europeans just wanted to profit for themselves and didn't do much to better the lives of the Africans. After WW2 things changed even more. Describe the changes that took place in 1950, 1960, and 1975 in 1950, Africans began to stand up against European rule. In 1960, there were 27 free nations. In 1975, there were 47 free nations
Would you say that these were good or bad changes good, they can now govern their country
would you say that South Africa has a better economy than Nigeria? Yes, South Africa is more technologically advanced, a has a strongly organized economy, which Nigeria does not have. South Africa has government control.
How do millions of people in South Sudan get food for each day Foreign Aid- from other countries
Give 4 reasons from the reaing for why the HIV/ AIDS crisis in recent years? leaves africa with over 11,000,000 orphans can't afford treatments
What text support do you have for assuming that Kenya's literacy rate will increase Government is making improving education a priority. They have adopted "Quality education for development" as a motto
what are the reasons for Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan not having an equal literacy rate for girls and boys women get married at young ages and are thought of as future house maids.
What was the Union of South Africa and what do they stand for? the Dutch states merged with British South Africa and formed Union of South Africa. They were anti black people
_____ river runs northward northward through Sudan and Egypt and is the world's longest river Nile
The ________ mountain range is located in the countries of Morocco and Algeria Atlas
the _________ is the 2nd deepest, the largest in the world, is located in central Africa between Tanzania and Congo in the Great Rift Valley Tanganyika
_________ River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Five west African nations depend on it for water Niger
Lake_________ is the largest lake of Africa, one of the sources of the Nile River, and the 2nd largest freshwater lake in the world Lake Victoria
The African river that crosses the equator twice in central Africa. it is surrounded by rain forestsCongo River Congo River
The largest desert in the world in North Africa and is larger than all of the United States Sahara Desert
The African plains of 4.5 million square miles with few rolling grasslands, scattered trees and lots of unique animals found nowhere else Savanna
The African semi- arid landform with some desert, few trees and grass between the North African desert and the rain forest. It is becoming more desert lately Sahel
_______________ happens when there is an increase of desert due to drought and deforestation and also an increase of desert due to over __________ and over __________ desertification grazing population
When flooding from rains wash away fertile soil with nutrients and the sun bakes soil hard ________ occurs erosion
Most of the people in Africa live near cities which happen to be along ___________ and near ____________ and lakes the coast rivers
An example of two __________ groups in Africa is Christian and Muslim religious
Arab, Swahili, Ashanti, and Banty are examples of __________ groups ethnic
A ___________ rate tends to lead to a higher standard of living, a higher GDP, and a higher human ___________ literacy capital
Africa's literacy rate is_________ but it is ___________ than for man than for women low higher
Many African languages can be traced back to ________ bantu
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