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AP World Semester 1

Review for AP World History Semester One Final Exam

What is the Neolithic Age named for? Tools
What were the first animals domesticated in the Fertile Crescent? Sheep and goats
What is an archaeological indicator of settled peoples? Ceramics
The first system of writing was developed by which peoples? Sumerians
In Sumer, who ruled in conjunction with kings? Temple priests
The economy of the Nile River was based on what? Cereal agriculture
Egyptians wrote on what? Papyrus
Early writing samples were concerned primarily with what? Commerce
What source of three writing styles helps decipher dead languages? Rosetta Stone
What peoples migrated thousands of miles to southern Africa? Bantu
How do empires grow? Conquest
What city was built as a site of worship of the sun god Aten? Akhetaten
Darius I of Persia spread what religion? Zoroastrianism
Which Greek reformer allowed common people to have an impact on government? Solon
The use of the deme in Greek city-states was dependent on what? Geography
To whom did Athens lose the Peloponnesian War? Sparta
Alexander the Great extended his empire as far east as where? Indus River
Who lost the Punic Wars? Carthage
The conflict between plebeians and patricians was called what? Struggle of the Orders
Rome borrowed most from what culture? Greek
What city was the center of the Byzantine Empire? Constantinople
Which rule ended the Warring States period and created the Great Wall? Qin
What ideology mainly influenced the Qin dynasty? Legalism
What Chinese ideology stressed a closeness to the natural world? Daoism
Who was the founder of Daoism? Laozi
What structure linked the Yangzi and Yellow Rivers? Grand Canal
Which emperor was closest to unifying the entire Indian subcontinent? Asoka
Which civilization is named for belonging to the Indo-Aryan language family? Aryans
Asoka converted to what religion? Buddhism
What is the oldest religion still in practice? Hinduism
According to the Upanishads, what is the stage of life for "forest wandering", or reflection? Third
The dance of what Hindu god symbolizes the cycle of creation and destruction? Shiva
For the Buddha, what was the source of unhappiness? Desire
What Japanese religion found spirits in nature? Shinto
What religion began with a covenant between God and Abraham? Judaism
What is the Jewish holy book that has changed little since it was written? Torah
What religious leader was crucified because he was considered a threat to the Roman government? Jesus Christ
Which emperor had a vision that led him to convert to Christianity? Constantine
Which Jewish group stayed aloof from politics and preached the end of the world? Essenes
Which Frankish leader stopped the Muslim advance into Europe? Charles Martel
Which Frankish leader was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the pope? Charlemagne
Who do Muslims believe was the last prophet? Muhammad
Who was the first caliph? Abu Bakr
Which group thought that descendants of Ali should be imam? Shi'a
Which sect of Islam is focused on the mystical path to god? Sufism
Created by: mrsthiessen