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Mystery Chapter 5

Mystery of the Redemption Chapter 5 Edline Quiz

The Church is called as the... People of God, Sacrament of Salvation, Mystical Body of Christ
What are the four marks of the Church? one, holy, catholic, apostolic
Christ entrusted the___to his Apostles, which has been transmitted to all generations through the Church Deposit of Faith
The Church is catholic because she is... universal
God's eternal dwelling place where the saints enjoy the Beatific Vision Heaven
Judgement made by Christ of every individual soul at the time of his or her death Particular Judgement
State of purification before entry into heavenly glory Purgatory
St. Paul's famous image of the church as intimately joined to Christ, her head... Mystical Body of Christ
Last Judgement, which occurs at the time of... Final Judgement
Means ‘incapable of error or any possibility of error’ Infallibility
Principle by which authority has been handed down from bishop to bishop in the church Apostolic Succession
Greek word for presence or arrival; refers to the Second coming of Christ Parousia
Latin for from the chair; refers to the pope’s capacity to make infallible declarations regarding Faith and morals Ex Cathedra
State of eternal damnation for Satan, the fallen angels, and human souls who reject god’s love Hell
Term refers to those souls chosen by god from eternity to enjoy union with him Elect
Efficacious sign of grace given by Christ to his church by which God’s divine life is dispensed to the faithful Sacrament
Quality of the church by which she will persist until the end of the time indefictibility
Essential, defining characteristics of the church: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Marks of the Church
___________ is the term referring to the teaching authority of the church. Magisterium
Story used to illuminate religious and moral principles. Parable
St. Paul’s image of the Church wherein Christ is the spouse. Bride of Christ
Term meaning ‘the Assembled People of God’. Church
Spiritual realm of peace, joy, happiness founded on union with Christ the King Kingdom of God
_________ means ‘outside the Church there is no salvation’ …all salvation comes from Christ through his Church. Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus
Image of the Church wherein people journey toward perfection and fulfillment in Christ. Pilgrim Church
Created by: Vorona
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