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Theology Test

Slide 8C and 9A

Describe the united kingdom -first three kings Saul, David, Solomon, lasted about 100 years (1020-920 BCE), northern kingdom: Israel lasted 300 years, Judah, capital Jerusalem and lasted 450 years
Who conquered what tribe? Assyrians conquered Israel (north) in 722 BC and Babylonians conquered Judah in 587 BC
What are the three important theological points in the story of David's anointing? 1. The Lord does not judge as we do by appearance 2. The Lord often picks those who seem weak to manifest his power 3. True leadership comes from power of the Lord and not from human strength
What are three important theological points in the story of David's anointing? 1. With God's help, we may confront and conquer our deepest fears 2. A simple trust in God is more powerful than human strength and weapons 3. We must remember that it is God who protects and delivers us.
What are three important theological points in the story of David and Bathsheba? 1. The warning of Samuel of the problems with kings are and seen even in David 2. Power tends to corrupt, and can easily be directed to evil purposes, even in faithful 3. David (and all) will eventually suffer the consequence of their sin
What are three important theological points in the story of David and Nathan? 1. Repentance is a painful but necessary process, and David is willing to face it 2. Even the greatest kings, dedicated to the Lord, is prone to sin 3. David's greatness (and ours) is not due to his own human strength, but to God's grace and mercy
Who was Isaiah and when did he live? When was his book written? The book has three parts. Isaiah I "proto-Isaiah" Isaiah II "deutero-Isaiah" Isaiah III "trito-Isaiah". Orginal person lived in 8th century , about Assyrian conquests and attacks and later to the 6th and 5th centuries
Who were the two Assyrian emperors and who conquered what? Tilgath-Pileser III, conquered Israel. Sennacherib conquered failed to conquer Jerusalem in 701 BC
Who was the king of Judah who survives and explain more about it? King Hezekiah, rejects alliances with Egyptains or status Assyrians, his message was rely on God
In Isaiah 1, what does the Lord think about offerings and made to Him by His people? Why? 1. He is tired of them, will close his eyes to them, will not listen 2. He is angered by the injustice and sinfulness of His people 3. He demands justice (for "orphan" and "widow") and that His people should "learn to do good"
How is Jerusalem like Sodom and Gomorrah? They were famously sinful cities that were destroyed by the Lord, Jerusalem too is under the same reason for rejecting the Lord, shocking insult because it the center place of worship and has the Lord's temple, indication of how far people have turned
Why is Israel called a prostitute? 1. A prostitue sells oneself for profit 2. Israel has been unfaithful to God, turning to other gods. 3. They have traded their righteousness for bribes and profit 4. Idolatry has often linked to prostitution and adultery: failure to live up to the Lord
What are the consequences of Israel's sins "like scarlet"? What is the promise for their obedience? 1. eat the "good of the land" if they repent, or be eaten "by the sword" if they sin. 2. Isaiah interprets the invasion of the Assyrians as proof of God's displeasure 3. Isaiah predicts what the hands of their enemy (Sennacherib) do if they don't turn
How is Jerusalem different from Sodom and Gomorrah? 1. God has left them a remnant- a few survivors, 2. the city still has the Lord's protection under a siege 3. It stands out amidst the conquered waste surround it
What are the themes in Isaiah I? 1. Israel is full of injustice 2. Israel is full of sin 3. Israel forgets the Lord 4. The problems of Israel are God's just punishment 5. There will be a righteous remnant left over
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