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South Asia

Monsoon seasonal wind that dominates the climate of South Asia
Caste system in India system of social groups based on birth
Hinduism Hindus worship thousands of gods; each god is part of a single supreme force called brahma; three main gods of Hinduism= Brahma (creator), Vishnu(preserver), and Siva(destroyer); believe in the unity of all life; all things in nature are part of the same
Buddhism - Four Noble Truths: 1. Suffering is universal 2. The cause of suffering is desire 3. The only way to end suffering is to crush desire (giving up desire= nirvana or freedom from the cycle of birth and death) 4. The way to end desire is to follow the
Sikhism blend of Islam and Hinduism
Jainism religion of South Asia; it developed from efforts to reform Hinduism and stresses non-violence
Untouchables lowest level of society; fifth level of caste system
Dharma in Hinduism the duties and obligations of each caste
Mohandas Gandhi (2 October 1869 – 30 January 1948) was the preeminent leader and freedom fighter of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India. Employing non-violent resistance to end injustice
Partition 1946 the Indian Independence Act; ended British rule in India; divided Indian subcontinent into Hindu-dominated India and Pakistan with a Muslim majority; lead to violence-500,000+ people died
Boycott refusal to buy certain goods or services
Green Revolution 20th century technological advances in agriculture that resulted in much larger harvests
Sepoy Mutiny 1857; Indian troops who served in the British Army (rumor that rifles were greased with beef or pork fat; had to fight in foreign lands) ; lasted several months; savage acts on both sides; British put down the uprising
Amritsar Massacre bloody uprising in Amritsar, a city in Northwester India, that was the turning point in India’s struggle for independence from Britain
Salt March Salt March- Major nonviolent protest action in India led by Mohandas K. Gandhi in March–April 1930. The march was the first act in an even-larger campaign of civil disobedience protested tax on salt
Khyber Pass famous pass that makes movement possible between the Indian subcontinent and other parts of Asia; through the Hindu Kush
Satyagraha Ghandi’s method “truth force” of nonviolent resistance to end injustice
Impact of British rule parliamentary democracy; based on the British form of government: president has little power; real power lies in the hands of party that wins the most seats in parliament; party leader becomes the prime minister; two houses
Coalition government several parties join to rule; often has difficulty governing because the parties disagree on many issues
Nehru lead India for 17 years after independence; wanted to create a castles, secular country
Taliban fundamentalist Muslim group who came to power in Afghanistan in the late1990’s; extreme form of Islam; support international terrorist groups
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