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Mystery Chapter 2

Mystery of the Redemption Chapter 2 Edline Quiz

God prepared mankind for the redemption by Jesus Christ by means of... covenants
God promised Abraham... he will be blessed by God, he will be the father of a great nation, he and his people would triumph over their enemies, and by his descendants all the nations will be blessed
In what two basic senses does the Catholic Church interpret passages of Sacred Scripture? literal and spiritual
What is the reason for the division of the languages according to the book of Genesis? it was a temporary and partial measure to curb human pride and sin
___is the sense of scripture that shows how people and events in salvation history parallel future people or events typical or allegorical sense
___is the sense of scripture that interprets the heroes of Scripture as models for life moral or tropological sense
___is the sense of scripture that looks at what the Sacred Author inspired by the Holy Spirit, intended to express, i.e, the most and direct and immediate meaning of the text literal sense
___is the sense of scripture that elucidates knowledge of Heaven through the events of Sacred Scripture anagogical sense
The expression 'felix culoa' refers to... the sin of our First Parents which resulted in Christ being our Savior
The 'protoevangelium' refers to... God's promises a redeemer in Genesis 3:15
__is the solemn agreement between God and a particular person or a people or a nation that God would bless them and they would be faithful to Him covenant
Decalogue is a word for... the Ten Commandments
__was the Prophet who described the future Messiah as one who would suffer and die, i.e., a "Suffering Servant" Isaiah
God first revealed God's Name to this person as I AM WHO AM Moses
St. Peter indicates the___ foreshadowed the Sacrament of Baptism washing away the stain of sin Flood of Noah's time
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