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Theology Test

Slides 8A and 8B

What are some titles/designations for Jesus-linking Jesus God's plan? 1. Son of God-Creater, 2. Fulfillment of covenant- Abraham and his descendants, 3. Savior of Israel- Passover, Moses, 4. "Son of David-David the model king, 5. Messiah (Christ): prophets- Isaiah and others
What is the threefold implication to "Messiah" (anointed one)? 1. Prophet: speaks for God, brings his word, interprets our age, 2. Priest- bridge between God and humans-Pope as "Pontifex,3. King- ruler, one whose is to be done, he authority over us
What does I.N.R.I. signify? The abbreviation in Latin "Jesus of Nazareth, King of Jews."- the sign that Pontius Pilate has placed over the cross
What are the three ways Jesus is linked to David? 1. David is seen in NT as a hero-deicated to the Lord-59 references,2. nickname for Jesus "Son of David"-at least 16 times as his descendants, 3. referred to as king
What was the first period of the historical stages? The period in the wilderness- 40 years, after leaving Egypt lead byMoses and they receive the 10 commandments
What was the second period of the historical stages? The time of conquest and settlement- Moses does not enter the promised land, but only goes to the border, Joshua leads the people in
What was the third period of the historical stages? The period of the judges- Their first form of leadership from the time Moses is by judges
What was the fourth period of the historical stages? The united monarchy- From Saul, David and Solomon, into the period of a divided kingdom of Israel and Judah, through to the Assyrian and Babylonian conquests
What was the fifth period of the divided kingdom? The people of Israel became divided into two kingdoms, north (Israel) and south (Judah)
Explain about the period of the period of the Judges Before kings they had judges, were charismatic and moved by the spirit, no established hereditary monarchy, bible prefers judges
Who was Gideon? He was a judge, like a prophet. First hears God's calling but feels unworthy. Does not having power like a king, can't command people does not things not based on his political position and can not control people
What was the Ark? The Ark of the Covenant was a box containing the "presence of God", presented central power, moves around, the Lord can defeat anything- including the Philistine's God: Dagon, Israel must rely only on him, not their own strength
Why should they not have a king? Being different from other nations is okay, the Lord is their king, abuses and problems kings give- send sons to war, take over fields, make you slaves, use your daughters for his purposes
Created by: SEEawesome:)
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