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Theology Test

Slide 9B and 9C

What period was Isaiah II and Isaiah III? It was during and after the Babylonian Exile, after the fall of Jerusalem.
What happened during the period of Isaiah II and Isaiah III? The Babylonians under Nebuchadnessar conquered Jerusalem- beginning of a terrible period of them in 587 BC.
How does Isaiah II speak to the exiles in Babylon? Redemption announced, Comfort commanded, Proclamation of good news
What are the themes in Isaiah II in the Description of "my servant"? God's spirit is upon him, He will b quiet, humble and peaceful, He will bring justice to the earth, He will not be defeated in accomplishing this goal, he will open the eyes of the blind; set prisoners free, He will declare something "new"
Who is the servant that Isaiah III speaks of? 1. Israel itself, redeemed through suffering 2. A special suffering prophet or persecuted believer 3. Any individual believer 4. Jesus of Nazareth
What happens to God's servant in Isaiah III? 1. He will "bear the sings of many. 2. He will bear our chastisements and suffer for our sins. 3. He will carry grief and sorrows of God's people 4. He will be greatly exalte after suffering much.
What does Isaiah 61 say about God's anointed? 1. He will bind up the brokenhearted 2. He will set prisoners free. 3. He will comfort the ones who mourn 4. He will proclaim a favorable year of the Lord 5. He will proclaim a "day of vengeance"
What are three major prophets? Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel
What are three minor prophets? Amos, Joel. Hosea
The prophets tell about good news but in Isaiah what is the "bad news"? Israel's sin and Israel's suffering.
What are some themes in Isaiah? 1. A rebellious and sinful people, Israel has rejected God and His laws 2. Our world, our existence, has been affected by our sinfulness and we suffer from it 3. God desires for us to set things right with Him, and they will be if we turn to Him
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