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Religion Final

Religion final terms

Which of the following gospels is a more condensed form of two other gospels? Mark
Which gospel is today seen as the earliest gospel? Mark
Which gospel is called the "gospel of the church"? Matthew
Which gospel is the only one to have a second volume? Luke
Which gospel has a strong Jewish orientation while also having a strong anti-jewish orientation? Matthew
How far back does Luke trace Jesus' genealogy? Adam
Which gospel has a long passion narrative and portrays Jesus more emotionally? Mark
A chiasm is like which of the following? palistrophe
What is the goal of Matthew's genealogy? To show that Jesus was a descendant of David
In which gospel is Jesus portrayed as calm, cool, and collected? Luke
Which gospel is the most different from the other gospels? John
In which gospel is Jesus seen as the new Moses? Matthew
What is the goal of Luke's genealogy? Show that Jesus was God's son
Which gospel is the only one to identify an audience (Theophilus)? Luke
In which gospel are miracles called "signs" and are performed in order to generate faith in witnesses? John
Gnosis means..? Knowledge
What are examples of Christian diversity (or heresy?) Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Mary, Gospel of Judas
Which of the following describes people who come together to vote on the validity of Jesus' words using black, grey, pink, and red beads? The Jesus Seminar
What does it mean to say that Paul's letters are "occasional" in nature? There is not a systematic treatment of topics, things only get mentioned if there is a problem, Paul writes where there is an occasion to write.
All of the problems that the Corinthians face in 1 Corinthians relate to what? Misunderstanding of the resurrection
Which book emphasizes works over faith? James
Which book is written to console those who are undergoing persecution? 1 Peter
Which book gives the message to Christians not to turn from their faith to Judaism? Hebrews
Roman persecution of Christians is: Eventually passes through the stages of sporadic and localized, increasingly seen as a dangerous movement, Empire-wide.
Who was William Miller? Baptist preacher who predicted the return of Christ in 1843
What is the amillennial view? Jesus will not be coming for a physical 1000 year reign
1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus all share which major issue? False teachers have created problems and internal divisions
what is the criteria for evaluating information in the gospels about Jesus? Independent attestation, Dissimilarity, and Contextual credibility
In which gospel does Jesus die symbolically on the Day of Preparation for the Passover at noon? John
In which gospel is Jesus rejected by his own people and because of this rejection the message is taken to non-Jews? Luke
Main points of Mark suffering of Jesus, Messianic Secret, negative portrayal of disciples, etc.
Main points of Matthew Jewish-ness of Jesus, concern with OT prophecy, etc.
Main points of Luke/Acts lack of emotion in Jesus, concern with geography, etc
Main points of John self-awareness of Jesus, dualism, difference from synoptic, etc.
When was the destruction of Jerusalem? 70 AD
Which Roman leader persecuted the Christians? Nero
Which gospel is made up of 106 pericopes? Mark
Which gospel overuses the word "and"? Mark
What percent of mark can be found in matthew and luke? 95%`
Who wrote the gospel of mark? Anonymous work, but attributed to John mark, personal secretary of Peter
What does "Gospel" mean? Good News
What does "Christ" mean? "Anointed", or "Messiah"
For Mark, why was Jesus the Messiah? Because he was crucified, not in spite of the fact that he was crucified.
Which gospel had a sense of urgency? Mark
Which gospel emphasizes Jesus' deeds, and not his words? Mark
Which gospel has a long passion narrative? Mark
Which gospel has less refined grammar and style? Mark
Which gospel uses effective rhetoric? Mark
Who was the audience for Mark? Gentiles
Which gospel shows Jesus as the most human? Mark
Which gospel has a secrecy motif concerning Jesus' miracles and identity? Mark
Which gospel highlights the failures of Jesus' Disciples? Mark
Which gospel comes to an abrupt ending? Mark
Which gospel is a drama about discipleship, and what it means to follow christ? Mark
Which gospel did the early church believe was written first? Matthew
Which gospel Received commentary by Origin by early 200s? Matthew
What is "M" material? Material unique to Matthew
Which gospel first adds genealogy and Resurrection appearances? Matthew
Which gospel was written after Mark? Matthew
Which gospel shortens Mark's narratives and cleans up errors? Matthew
Which gospel drops Mark's explanations of Jewish practices? Matthew
Which gospel changes the book to match a wealthy, urban setting? Matthew
Which gospel shows Jesus taking Moses' law even further? Matthew
Which gospel uses organizational patterns? Matthew
Which gospel has a doubling motif? Matthew
Which gospel gives special prominence to Peter? Matthew
In which gospel does Jesus talk explicitly about "the church"? Matthew
which gospel has great interest in the law? Matthew
Which gospel emphasizes the fulfillment of prophecy? Matthew
When was Luke written? 80's AD
What is "L"? Material unique to Luke
Which gospel shows that Jesus' life parallels the life of a prophet? Luke
Which gospel retouches the characters in Mark? Luke
Which gospel is more interested in historical context? Luke
Which gospel gives special attention to Jerusalem? Luke
Which gospel emphasizes worship and prayer? Luke
Which gospel has an unusual interest in food? Luke
Which gospel focuses on ministry to oppressed and disadvantaged? Luke
Which gospel has a prominent place for women? Luke
Which book parallels with Luke's gospel? Acts
Who wrote John? Anonymous work attributed to John in the late 2nd century
In what way is John similar with the synoptics? Focuses on passion, Account of Jesus' healing and ministry
How is John different from the synoptic gospels? No birth accounts No baptism by John No wilderness temptation No proclamation of coming Kingdom of God No parables No casting out demons No Lord’s Supper No Gethsemane
Stories Unique to John Turning water to wine Raising Lazarus from dead 3-year ministry Jesus dies on different day
In what gospel is jesus more self aware? John
In what gospel does Jesus use miracles to prove who he is? John
Which gospel thinks of Jesus as a diving being? John
What was the Johannine Community? group of followers of disciple John who were responsible for writing of gospel along with 1, 2, & 3 John
Which gospel was a gradual development? John
What is gnosticism? Gnosticism embraces dualistic view of universe A bad God created everything material A good God resides in the realm of light beyond this material world
What is Gnostic Christianity? an alternative form of Christianity that lost out to mainline Christianity Jesus gave secret teachings to his disciples.
What does "ortho" mean? right, true, straight
what does "doxy" mean? thinking, praise
who wrote Quest for the Historical Jesus ? Albert Schweitzer
Where does most information about Paul come from? Acts
What are the 3 disputed letters of Paul? 2 Thessalonians Colossians Ephesians
What are the 3 Inauthentic letters of Paul? 1 Timothy 2 Timothy Titus
What does Pseudonym mean? False name
What is the criteria for judging the authenticity of paul's letters? style, theology, context
What letters did paul write in captivity? Philemon Philippians Colossians Ephesians 2 Timothy
Why is it doubtful that Paul wrote Ephesians? Paul spent a lot of time there, yet it is his most impersonal letter
What are the reasons to doubt pauline authorship in the pastoral epistles? Possible references to Gnosticism Strikingly different vocabulary than in other Pauline letters And different way of using words Letters presuppose an established hierarchy within the church Different attitude towards women
Who increased the desire to relate Christianity to gentile ideas? Paul
Which book attacks those who have abandoned their jewish faith? Jude
define postmillennial the millennium is an era (not necessarily a literal thousand years) during which Christ will reign over the earth, not from a literal and earthly throne, but through the gradual increase of the Gospel and its power to change lives.
define premillennial the Second coming will occur before a literal thousand-year reign of Christ from Jerusalem upon the earth
Point of apocalyptic literature Aimed at persecuted group Serve as encouragement and admonition in the midst of persecution and hardship Reminds readers that God is in control of history
Created by: vhebert77
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