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Mesopotamia Ch. 4

BMMS Mesopotamia Ch. 4

empire a collection of many peoples and lands under the control of one ruler
emperor the ruler of an empire
Fertile Crescent a fertile region that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf
Hammurabi the ruler of the Babylonian Empire from 1792 to 1750 B.C.
code of law a set of written rules
justice fair treatment of people
Sargon He created the world's first empire by conquering and then uniting the city-states of Sumer.
exile forced removal from one's homeland
Hanging Gardens of Babylon magnificent structure of gardens built in Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar
Nebuchadnezzar cruel king of Babylon, marched the Hebrews back to Babylon and destroyed their Temple.
Anatolia (Asia Minor) land within modern-day Turkey
toleration acceptance of habits, beliefs and practices of others
province a political division of a country
satrap a Persian governor
Royal Road a road in Persia used for government purposes
chariot a wheeled war vehicle
Chaldeans another name for the New-Babylonians, they teamed up with the Medes to defeat the Assyrians
stele a monument, vertical in style, small or large, that contained writing or pictures to commemorate or record something
Akkadian Empire the empire founded by Sargon, it lasted 180 years
Babylonian Empire this empire was founded by Hammurabi
Assyrian Empire they used iron weapons and chariots that struck fear in the hearts of their enemies "The Land Bathed in Blood"
tribute payment of money or goods by one ruler to another in order to insure protection
Ishtar Gate Gate in Babylon dedicated to Goddess Ishtar. "Gate of God"
Medes A group of people living in Mesopotamia. They teamed up with the Chaldeans to defeat the Assyrians.
Cyrus the Great Leader and founder of the Persian Empire. He conquered the New Babylonian Empire.
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