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Chapter 11 Test

Byzantine Empire, the Turks, Russians, and Mongols

Who was considered to be the most successful leader of the Byzantine Empire? Justinian
What was another name for the Byzantine Empire? Eastern Roman Empire
Justinian built the... Hagia Sophia
Justinian reformed... Roman Law
How did the Black Plague effect Constantinople? The population decreased
The mongol empire was a... Tributary State
What was the Great Schism of the Eastern Roman Empire? A split in the faith
What was the government of the Byzantine Empire? Autocracy
What is the geography boundary mark between Russia and Europe? Ural Mountains
What were the two main groups of the Russian Culture? Slavs and the Vikings
Which empire influenced the Russian Empire? The Byzantine Empire
Who was the main leader of the Mongols? Ghengis Khan
What was Russia's first important city? Novgorood
What did the Russians call their king? Csar
What factor caused the decline of Kiev? The fight for power
Which Russian prince led a rebellion aggainst the Mongol rule? Ivan III
What was the capital of the Turkish Empire? Isfahan
Who captured Baghdad forom the Turks? Hulagu
What was the military campaign issued against the Muslims and Turks? Crusades
Why did the Turkish Empire break into minor kingdoms? Malik Shah died
The Turks favored the... Persian People
What was the culture of the Turkish Empire? Persian
Who made the Russian people become Christian? Vladimir
Czar is the Russian verision of the word... (NOT KING) Ceasar
What did Justinian rebuild? Constantinople
Created by: jcarenza