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Chapter 11

25 Question Test

What two main religions emerged out of the split in the Christian churches? Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic
A(n) __________ is a religious image. icon
The high-ranking Byzantine nobleman who took the throne of the Eastern Empire in 527 is... Justinian
A tyoe of government in which a ruler controls both the religion and government is called an... autocracy
The new capitol of the new Rome is? Constantinople
The two highest achievements of Justinian were.. creating the Haga Sophia and reforming all of Rome's laws
The Byzantine Empire's had a strong military but it's power was based on the fact that it was an ___________________ empire economic trade
Another name for the Byzantine Empire was... Eastern Roman Empire
Which empire had a great influence on the development of early Russia b/c of its geography where the civilization developed. The Byzantine Empire
Two groups ofpeople that greatly impacted the development of Russian civilization were the... Slavs and Vikings
The very first settlement was in... Kiev
What leader made Russian citizens convert into christianity and helped connect the rus with byzantanium Vladimir
Define Tributary State Practice cultures but pay taxes and know that your under control
A ruler who led the Russian state to become an empire was... Ivan III
Who was the most ruthless and feared leader of the Russian Empire. This leader gave Russia the model of extreme absolute rule as their legacy Ivan the Terrible
What group eventually conquered the empire established by the Seljuk Turks? Mongols
What is the time period where christians tried to fight against Turks and Muslims for the holy land? Crusades
Another name for Turks of the... Seljuks
The Turks looked to their Persian subjects for both _________ and ___________ guidance. cultural; religious
What is a prime minister in a muslim kingdom? a vizier
The Russian empire eventually emerges when Russian princes in ______ establish their independance from the empire that ruled over them. Moscow
Before the seljuks and turks conquered the empire, the first ruling people that couldn't maintain their empire were the... Abbasids
The new capitol of Rome in te Byzantine Empire was a perfect place for... trade
The Mongols, a ruthless group of people led by _____________ conquered Russian civilization and developed tributatry state. Ghengis Kahn
3 reason for the decline of the Byzantine Empire was the bubonic plague, the crusades and the muslims on muslim turks
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