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Chapter 11 Practice

Most influential emperor of the Byzantine Empire? Justinian
What church did Justinian rebuilt? Hagia Sophia
What was Justinian's biggest achievement? writing a code of laws
What type of government was under Justinian's rule? Autocracy
What was Justinian's empire based on off? Trade
Decline of the Byzantine Empire was because of three reasons... (1) the Crusades (2) the Plague (3) conquered by Muslim Turks
What caused the Great Schism? Difference between the Easten and Western Churches
What language did the Byzantine speak? Greek
What language did the Catholics speak? Latin
The main difference between the Eastern and Western Churches was the use of... icons
What was the boundary of Europe and Asia? The Ural Mountains
The first city of Russia Kiev
Two most influential cultures in Russia Slavs and Vikings
Written language of Russia Cyrillic
First prince to spread Christianity Yaroslav the Wise
Gained most of Russia from Lithuania Ivan the Great / Ivan the Third
Group Ivan IV organized the oprichniki
What was Ivan IV's legacy in Russia He left Russia in a state of rebellion and introduced absolute power in the government
Where is Anatolia the eastern flank of the Byzantine
The Persians supported the Seljuks because... the Seljuks respected and admired their culture
The Seljuks captured which city from the Persian Empire, which also became their capital Baghdad
Saladin made a truce treaty with which English king Richard the Lion-Hearted
Which descendant of Genghis Khan captured Baghdad Hulagu
The greatest sultan of the Abbasid Empire Malik Shah
The Abbasid Empire ended because of... the Mongols conquering and slaughtering them
Created by: alyssrl