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Chapter 11

Byzantium, Russia, and Turkey

Who was the high ranking nobleman that reformed the Byzantine Empire? Justinian
What did the Justinian code state? 5,000 laws that summarized the opinion of Rome's basic laws and teachings
What was the name of the great church Justinian built? The Hagia Sophia
In what year did Justinian die? 565
What destroyed the majority of the Byzantine population? The Bubonic Plague
How did the Byzantines keep their enemies at bay? They used bribes, diplomacy, political marriages, and military power
Where did Byzantium send their missionaries? The land of Slav
Who paid a visit to Constantinople, converting it's population to Christianity? Princess Olga
Who came to the throne in 980 and converted himself as well as his subjects to Christianity? Vladimir
Who was Vladimir's son? Yaroslav the Wise
What did Yaroslav the Wise build in Kiev? Libraries and over 400 churches
What was the error Yaroslav made? He divided his realm among his sons
Who slashed their way into Russian in the 1200s? The Mongols
Who was the fierce warrior that lead the Mongols? Ghengis Khan
In what year did the leader of the Mongols die? 1227
What area did the Mongols destroy in 1240? Kiev
What was the name of payments from Russia to Mongolia? Tribute
What city was first founded in the 1100s? Moscow
What is another name for a Caesar? Czar
What did the Turks begin to convert to? Islamic Culture
Who attacked and captured Baghdad? The Seljuks
Who was one of the most well known Seljuk sultans? Malik Shah
What were Seljuk rulers called? Shahs
What did Hulagu do to Baghdad? He burned down Caliph's palace
What is the new group of Turks that arose after the fall of the Mongolian Empire? The Ottomans
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