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1314 WH Semester Exa

1314 WH Semester Exam

Critical thinkers have an __________mind- They change their views based on new knowledge. Open
What term means when someone only considers one side or favors only one side of and argument? Bias
Different people have different ___________. You can never really be in someone else's shoes. Realities
Name the seven continents. Africa, Asia, Antarctica, North America, South America, Australia, Europe
Name the five oceans. Southern, Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific, Indian
Which hemisphere is America in? Northwest
Which oceans have parts that are in the Northern Hemisphere? Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific, Indian
Which ocean completely in the Northern Hemisphere? Arctic
Which ocean is completely in the Southern Hemisphere? Southern
Which oceans touch the United States? Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic
What ocean feeds into the Caribbean Sea? Atlantic
Which continents touch the Mediterranean Sea? Africa, Asia, Europe
Which continents touch the Caribbean Sea? North America, South America
What is the most important line of longitude? Prime Meridian
What is the most important line of latitude? Equator
Which continents are intersected by the Equator? South America, Africa (Islands are not part of Asia)
Which continents are intersected by the Prime Meridian? Europe, Africa, Antarctica
Which continents are entirely in the Southern Hemisphere? Australia, Antarctica
Why would a Muslim carry a compass with them? So they can tell which direction to pray towards.
Which religion thinks the world is an illusion? Buddhism
What is the oldest religion that is still practiced today? Hinduism
What is the only one of the big five religions founded in CE? Islam
What are the three Semitic or Abrahamic religions? Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Which religion has the most followers in the world today? Christianity
Which country has the most Jews today? USA
Which two of the big five religions believe in reincarnation? Hinduism and Buddhism
Who is the prophet for Buddhism aka the Buddha? Siddhartha Gautama
What is the holy book of Islam? Koran
What is the holy book of Judaism? Torah
What is the place of worship for a Jew? Synagogue
What is the place of worship for a Muslim? Mosque
What is the place of worship for a Buddhist? Home shrine
What is the place of worship for a Hindu? Temple
Which of the big five religions is polytheistic? Hindusim
Which of the big five religions are monotheistic? Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Which of the big five religions is atheistic? Buddhism
Who is the prophet of Judaism? Moses
Which of the big five religions have the fewest followers? Judaism
What country was Islam founded in? Mecca (in Saudi Arabia)
What country was Buddhism and Hinduism founded in? India
Which country has the most Buddhists today? China
What is the purpose for life of a Muslim? To submit to God
What is the purpose for life of a Hindu? To move up the Caste System through reincarnation
What is the purpose for life of a Buddhist? Nirvana
What type of map shows elevation? Topographic
What type of map shows borders that are man-made? Political
What type of map shows only God-made things like mountains and rivers? Physical
What does "cart" mean like in the word cartographer or cartogram? Map
What are the Five Pillars of Islam? Pilgrimage, Belief, Charity, Prayer, Fasting
Latitude and Longitude measure what type of location? Absolute
If an author only gives one point of view, they are _______? Biased
What is the first thing you should read when you see a map or chart? The title
The Torah is also the first ________ books of the Old Testament. Five
Who is at the bottom of the Caste System? Untouchables
What is the Kabah? A building in Mecca where Muslims pray towards.
1. In which country did the Renaissance begin? Italy
2. The renaissance was a __________ of classical thought. Rebirth
3. The church losing influence, technological advancements and a growth of individual responsibility were all ways that ______________ influenced the renaissance. Black Plague
4. Humanism is a focus on the importance of the ____________. Human/individual
6. The ______________ is the center and measure of all things. (Humanist quote) Human
8. Name the three masters of the renaissance. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael
9. Who was the most important family in renaissance Florence? Medici
10. Who was not allowed to receive an education in the renaissance? Womern…
11. What percentage of Europe was killed by the Bubonic Plague? ½ to ¾
12. Who perfected the printing press in the renaissance? Gutenberg
13. Which country was the first to start exploring by sea? Portugal
14. What were the three Gs that describe why people explore? God, glory, gold
15. What term means the more money your country makes the more powerful it is? Mercantilism
16. Which country dominated the Aztecs and Incas during the age of exploration? Spain (conquistadors)
17. What was the Columbia Exchange? Trade stuff from EUR to US and vice versa. Horses, tobacco, maters, taters
18. The ______-American’s culture was taken over by Europeans during the age of exploration. Meso (middle)
19. Which explorer used disease to defeat the Incans of Peru? Pizzarro
20. Who was the leader of Portugal that pushed for sea exploration? Prince Henry the Navigtor
21. What does cartography mean? Map maker
22. Where did Columbus think he was when he landed in the Americas? India
23. Where was Columbus from? Who did he sail for? From Italy sailed for spain
24. What language do people in Brazil speak today? Portuguese
25. What was the Line of Demarcation? Who drew it? Split between SPn and Por. Pope
26. When a parent country controls another country, what do we call it? Colonization
27. Which three continents were involved in the triangle trade? Americas, EUR, AFR
28. What do we call the part of the triangle trade that brought slaves to the Americas? Middle Passage
29. What was the main reason Europeans began to explore in India and Asia? What did the Europeans want? Spices
30. What was the name of Spain’s great naval fleet? Armada
31. Where were the Aztecs centered? Where were the Incas centered? Aztecs= Mexico Inca = Peru
33. People from which continent benefited most from colonization of the Americas? Europeans
34. European countries experienced wide-spread____________ due to the amount of gold coming in from the Americas in the 16 and 1700s. Inflation
9=A Norwegian explorer of about the year 1000 who is said to have discovered a place in North America called Vinland.9 Leif Ericson
11=A Portuguese navigator of the sixteenth century. His crew was the first to sail around the Earth, although he was killed on the voyage11 Ferdinand Magellan
15=Name the man who sailed for The Dutch East India Company on the Half Moon and claimed New York for the Dutch.15 (Henry) Hudson
16=Who led a Spanish exploration of the southeastern United States in 1539, discovering the Mississippi River?16 (Hernando) De Soto
21=Name this man who was instrumental in Portugalís exploration of the world.21 Prince Henry the Navigator
27=What English explorer discovered the Hawaiian Islands and established the first European colony in Australia?27 (James) Cook
29=What Portuguese sailor was the first European to find a sea route to India?29 (Vasco) Da Gama
39=Who was the French explorer who founded Quebec?39 (Samuel de) Champlain
41=Who was the English explorer who searched for a Northwest Passage?41 (John) Cabot
44=Name the Italian explorer who was one of the first Westerners to travel the Silk Road to China.44 Marco Polo
49=This man explored for both Spain and Portugal and America is named for him.49 (Amerigo) Vespucci
50=This Portuguese sailor became the first European to sail around the Cape of Good Hope, the southern tip of Africa.50 (Bartholomeu) Dias
59=Name the Englishman who gained a royal charter to found the settlement of Roanoke, located on an island off the coast of North Carolina.59 (Sir Walter) Raleigh
Created by: rockcastle