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Lymphatic System

Lymphatic System and Immunity Vocabs

Antibody a globular protein produced by plasma cells that binds to specific antigens and promotes their destruction or removal from the body
Antigen a substance capable of inducing the production of antibodies
Differential different count of different cells
Immunity resistance to injuries and diseases caused by foreign compounds, toxins, and pathogens
Immunoglobulin a circulating antibody
B Cells lymphocytes capable of differentiating into the plasma cells that produce antibodies
T Cells Lymphocytes responsible for cellular immunity and for the coordination and regulation of the immune responses; include helper and suppressor T cells and cyotoxic (killer) T cells
CNS (blank)
Thymus lies in the mediastinum posterior to the sternum. T cells become mature in the thymus.
Interferons small proteins released by activated lymphocytes, macrophages, and by tissue cells infected with the virus. Cause normal, uninfected cells to produce antiviral compounds that intefere with viral replication. Stimulate macrophages and NK cells
Inflammation a localized tissue response to injury. Produces local sensations of swelling, redness, heat, and pain.
Acquired Immunity appears following exposure to an antigen. May occur naturally or be induced artifically.
Passive Immunity the transfer of antibodies from one person to another. May be categorized as natural or artifical
Vaccine a preparation of antigens derived from a specfic pathogen.
Capillaries (blank)
Hemacytometer (blank)
WBC White blod count - a blood test to determine the number of leukocytes present. Increased level indicates infection/and or inflammation. Decreased level indicates aplastic anemia, pernicious anemia, and malaria.
RBC Red blood count - a test performed on whole blood to determine the time needed for oxalated plasma or clot; use to regulate anticoagulant drug therapy to detect clotting disorders.
ESR sedimentation rate
Centrifuge placed in a a centrifuge machine and subjected to a spinning motion which separates liquids of different densities. Produces solid sediment that can be examined under the microscope
Hct Hematocrit
ELISA enzyme-linked immuno sorbent assay
PCP pneumocystis carinii pneumonia
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