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Study Notes

Blood and Lymphatic System

Plasma waste products in liquid part of blood: uric acid, creatine, BUN
Phils granulecytes
Hematocrit amount of RBC comparing to whole blood
Thrombocyte 7-10 days
Lymphocytes: T cells, B cells, NK cells
AIDS: T cells count is high
Blymphocyte produce antibodies and don't fight by self
Macrophages WBC: big swallower
Blood mainly produced in: bone marrow
RBC iron pigment inside (hemoglobin) go to liver and form bilirubin (break down of red blood cells) (Hemoglobin)
Plasma 55% of blood count; 45% cells
Platelets are not present in lymph
Allergen cause allergies in the body
Neutrophils life span: About 4 days
Eosinophils life span: 3-6 days
Basophils life span: 10-12 days
Lymphocytes life span: long-lived survive for years; short-lived survive hours/days/weeks
Monocytes life span: 100 days or more
Red Tube: Additive: none; serum testing; blood clots and serum separated by centifugation
Red/Gray (Marbled) SST with clot activator; CMP, BMP, electrolytes, cholesterol
Purple Tube: EDTA - removes calcium to prevent clotting; hematology testing, CBC, Hct, WBC, RBC; full draw required
Lymphatic System: transports, protects, absorption
Red Blood Cells: erhthrocytes, platelets or thrombocytes
Agranulocyte type of white blood cell with a clear cytoplasm
Antibodies proteins that defend the body against infection
Antigen foreign substance which prevents blood from clotting of antibodies
Capillaries tiny blood vessels which connect arterioles and venules
Centrifuge an instrument used to separate blood into its liquid and solid components
Dehydration loss of body water which can become life threatening if not corrected
Electrolytes ionized salts in the blood, such as Na, K, and Cl
Erythrocytes RBC - red blood cells
Granulocytes type of white blood cell in which the cytoplasm contains granules
Hemacytometer instrument used to count red and white blood cells
Hematology Study of blood and blood-forming tissues
Hematoma collection of blood underneath the skin, for example a bruise
Hemoglobin carries oxygen and an iron containing pigment which gives RBC its color
Leukemia cancerous condition with elevated numbers of white blood cells
Leukocytes WBC: white blood cell
Phagocytosis process in which white blood cells ingest and digest foreign material
Phlebotomy blood collection using the venipuncture method
Plasma liquid portion of blood, contains fibrinogen
Platelets a cell which aids in the blood clotting process, for example a thrombocyte
Polycythemia a condition where there are too many red blood cells in the blood
Reticulocyte an immature red blood cell containing a nucleus. Red blood cells containing granules or filaments
Serum liquid portion of blood which contains no fibrinogen
Venipuncture the process of withdrawing blood from a vein
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