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Vargo German U

German Unification

Was offered the crown of Germany at Frankfurt Assembly Frederick William IV
Became first emperor of a unified Germany in 1871 William I
Wrote the poem Charge of the Light Brigade Alfred Lord Tennyson
The "Citizen King" of France Louis Philippe
Fled Austria in disguise in 1848 Metternich
Served as President and later Emperor of France Louis Napoleon
King of France and fled in 1830 Charles X
Famous architect who helped beautify Paris Baron Hausmann
Great Mexican hero and overthrew Maximillian Benito Juarez
Inventor of the Needle Gun Nicholas Von Dreyse
Swiss banker who founded the Red Cross Jean-Henri Dunant
Italian composer of "I Lombardi" Giuseppe Verdi
Led an army of 1000 redshirts Giuseppe Garibaldi
She and her husband discovered Radium Marie Curie
Hapsburg Emperor of Mexico Maximillian
First king of a unified Italy in 1861 Victor Emmanuel II
Started the young Italy movement Giuseppe Mazzini
Sardinian prime minister who made a bargain with Napoleon III Camilio Cavour
German Chancellor who carried on Kulturkampf against the Catholic Church Otto Von Bismarck
Angel of the Crimea; lady of the lamp and set up a nursing school Florence Nightingale
Ended by the Treaty of Frankfurt in 1871 Franco- Prussian War
Fought over the mistreatment of Germans in Schleswig and Holstein Danish War
It ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1856 Crimean War
Also called the War of Austrian Extrusion 7 Weeks War
Russian attempt to take Moldavia and Wallachia Crimean War
Charge of the Light Brigade in Balaclava Crimean War
Venetia became part of Italy in 1866 7 Weeks War
Austria violated Prussian Territory 7 Weeks War
The Battle of Sevastopol Crimean War
Germany gained this territory of Alsace-Lorraine Franco-Prussian War
Triggered by the Ems Dispatch Franco-Prussian War
It ended the 2nd French Empire Franco-Prussian War
Led to the capture of Napoleon III at Battle of Sedan Franco-Prussian War
It was fought in 1864 Danish War
It resulted in the formation of Austrian-Hungary in 1867 7 Weeks War
Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made. Otto von Bismarck
Never believe any rumors until it has been officially denied Otto von Bismarck
The Great decisions of our day will not be made by parliamentary assemblies and speeches but by iron and blood Otto von Bismarck
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