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AH2 Semester Exam

Semester Exam, Nine Weeks Test

What type of cane has four legs and a handlebar the patient can grip? Walk Cane or Hemiwalker
A lighted instrument used to examine the inside of the lower part of the large intestine is a...? Sigmoidoscope
What is the assessment techmique called when a physician uses her hands to feel various parts of the body? Palpation
Patients with dysphagia must not be offered _______________ while eating? A Straw
A woooden instrument used to scrape the cells from the cervix is called a ________? Ayer Blade
What is done during a routine physical exam? Vital Signs
What postiion would a patient be placed in for a papanicolaou test? Lithotomy
What position is it when a patient is lying flat on a table with her knees bent and feet apart? Dorsal Recumbent
Dysphagie is _____________? Difficulty swallowing
Before feeding the patient hot food, the burse assistant should? Test for hot liquids on wrist
While feeding a patient, the nurse assitant must always be alert for signs of _____________? Dysphagia and choking
ROM exercises performed by patients who can move each joint by themselves is ______? Active ROM
ROM exercises should be done 3-5 times
What assessment technique does a physician tap and listen for sounds from various body organs? Percussion
How much space should the axillary bar be from the axilla? 2 Inches
What is the first gate taught to patients who can bear weight on only one foot with crutches? Three-Point
What crutches are recommended for patients who cannot grip handles or bear weight on the wrists or hands? Platform crutches
What disorder would chest circumfrence be measured to determine the progression of a disease? Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
What position is used to facilitate breathing and examine the chest? Fowler's
What position is used for enemas or rectal temperatures? Lateral or Sims
What position is used to examine the spine or back? Prone
What position is used to treat circulatory shock? Trendelenburg
What is the abbreviation for both eyes? OU
What technique is when a doctor taps oin his fingers to access organs? Percussion
How long do erythrocytes cirulate in the bloodstream? 120 days
How much blood does the average adult have in his body? 4-6 Quarts
What is the substance on RBC'S that gives it a bright red color? Hemoglobin
While testing on a Snellen Chart, 20/20 vision means that? Patient can see characters 20 mm high from 20 ft away
ROM exercises administered by another person moving limbs for a pt is? Passive ROM
Instruments used to compress blood vessels to stop bleeding? Hemostats
What is the minimum flow rate that should be dilivered using a nsal cannula? 6 Liters per minute
Which of the following is an example of a chemical restraint? Medication
Which mental health personnel can legally prescribe meds? Psychiatrist
Which of the following MH personnel is responsible for arranging adoptions and foster homes? Social Worker
What BMI is normal? 22
What occupation is more likely to perform research about the effects of exercise? Exercise Physiologist
Career that improves sports performance? Ceritified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Which of the following data would be objective? Limited ROM noted
What is the purpose of cold therapy? Reduce Swelling
A strain is an injury on which types of body parts? Tendons
What is the body's main source of energy? Carbohydrates
What is an example of a carbohydrate? Peas
What are the body's building blocks? Proteins
If a client consumes 3 teaspoons of jell-o and 9 ounces of milk, how many mL have they consumed ? 285
What position is a patient in if he is lying flat on his back? Supine
Postion for enemas? Sims'
What is used to prevent plantat flexion? Footboard
When moving a client, how should the bed be positioned? As flat as the patient can tolerate
Normal oxygen saturation? 95%
What oxygen device allows clients to eat and speak comfortabley? Nasal Cannula
What classification of drugs increases the diameter of the airways of the lungs? Bronchodialators
What disorder is the main reason to ise incentive spirometry? Atelectasis
What HCP would a Dr. refer a Pt. to for help c improving their ability to perform daily tasks? Occupational Therapist
Which HCP assesses, treats, and rehabilitates deficits in hearing and balance? Audiologist
Axilla and Axxilary bar? 2 in
HCP can perform surgery on eyes? Opthalmologist
Created by: emilyladner96