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Chapter 10&11

Syncope Loss of consciousness due to decreased blood flow
Cerebellum second largest, lower portion of the brain in back of head
Iritis Inflammation of the colored muscle in the anterior chamber of the eye
Iridotomy Surgical incision into the iris
Cerebrum Largest upper most portion of the brain responsible for thought and memory
Iridectomy surgical excision of part of the iris to relieve IOP
keratitis Infection of the transparent tissue covering the front of the eye: known as "the window of the eye"
corneitis Inflammation of the cornea
OS Left eye
-Pexy Surgical fixation
Myel/o Bone marrow and spinal cord
AU Both ears
-mania Obsession or impulse toward
LOC Loss of Consciousness
PTSD Post-traumatic stress disorder
Sciatica Inflammation of the sciatic nerve that causes pain
Neuroplasty Surgical repair of nerves
Blepharoptosis Abnormal condition of eyelid drooping
Hyperopia farsightedness
ECG Electrocardiograph
A- without
-osis Abnormal condition
Opposite of -hyper -Hypo
Opt/o Eye or vision
Psych/o Mind
-otomy Surgical incision
-plasty Surgical repair
-graphy A recording or a picture
Ot/o Ear or hearing
-ostomy Surgical creation of an artificial opening to the body surface
-mania Obsessive preoccupation
Path/o Disease
-algia Pain or painful
-megaly Enlargment
Peri- Surrounding or around
Otitis Inflammation of the ear
Psychotropic A drug that produces temporary changes in the mind
Aphasia Inability or loss of speech
delusion False belief despite evidence to the contrary
Mastoidectomy Surgical removal of the mastoid cells
Anesthetic Medication used to reduce sensation
Myringotomy Surgical incision into the eardrum
Poliomyelitis Contagious viral infection of the spinal cord
Ophthalmologist Physician who specializes in the diagnosis of eye disorders and treatment of the eyes
Glaucoma Disease of high IOP
Optometrist Doctor that specializes in the measurement of VA and corrective lenses
Myopia nearsighted
Scleritis Inflammation of the protective white part of the eye
Otitis Media Infection of the middle ear
Nyctalopia Difficulty seeing at night, but pt has normal daytime vision
Conjunctivitis Inflammation of the mucous membrane that covers the front of the eye
Strabismus eyes are not aligned due to a muscular disorder
Neur/I or Neur/o Nerves
Cerebro/o or encephala/o Brain
Caus/o burning, burn
Mening/o Membranes, meninges
AD Alzheimer's Disease
CP Cerebral palsy
MS Multiple sclerosis
Opt/o Eyes
Irid/o Iris
Phac/o Lens
Retin/o Retina
Ot/o or Audi/o Ears
Pinn/i Outer ear
Myring/o or tympan/o Middle ear
Labyrinth/o Inner ear
Kerat/o Horny, hard, cornea
Trop/o Turn or change
VA Visual Acuity
AS Astigmatism
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