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World History Test

Unit 5 Test

What is “divine right” and what was it used to support? absolute rule
Why did European monarchs become absolute rulers? (What was it in response to?) religious and territorial conflicts that caused warfare and revolts
Which country had an Armada that was defeated in 1588 by stormy weather and the English navy? Spanish
Which country gradually replaced the Italians as the bankers of Europe? Dutch
What religion did Philip II believe it was his destiny to defend from its enemies in Europe and the Ottoman Empire? Catholicism
What type of government did the Dutch establish after they gained independence from Spain? a republic
What things weakened the Spanish Empire? Spain suffered from sever inflation and high taxes
What were some accomplishments of Philip II of Spain? he defended Roman Catholicism and helped stimulate the arts
How was the United Provinces of the Netherlands different from neighboring states? it elected governors whose power depends on landowners and merchants
Who was known as the Sun King? Louis XIV
What were government agents who collected taxes and administered justice? intendants
What was the conflict that was waged to prevent the union of the French and Spanish thrones? War of Spanish Succession
What was a declaration of religious tolerance issued by Henry IV and canceled by Louis XIV? Edict of Nantes
Who was the minister to Louis XIV whose policies drove nobles to rebel against the young boy king? Cardinal Mazarin
Who was the minister of finance under Louis XIV whose policies of mercantilism caused France’s economy to grow and prosper? Jean Baptiste Colbert
Who was the minister to Louis XIII who took steps to strengthen the power of the monarchy at the expense of the Huguenots and the nobility? Cardinal Richelieu
What was the main cause of the 8 civil was that were fought in France between 1562 and 1598? religious conflicts
What king became France’s most powerful ruler and boasted “I am the state”? Louis XIV
What purpose did the palace at Versailles serve? to show Louis power and arouse envy of other monarchs
What event led to the War of the Spanish Succession? Charles II made Louis XIV grandson his heir adding to Bourbon power
Who won the fights at the start of the 30 Years’ War? Hapsburg
What was the result of the Seven Years’ War in Europe? no exchange of territories in Europe
Which war was sparked by religious conflict and resulted in the increased power of France, the weakening of Spain, and Austria, and the devastation of Germany? Thirty Years War
Who inherited the Austrian throne only after Charles VI had the other European powers sign an agreement declaring that they would recognize the heir? Maria Theresa
Which war resulted in the beginning of the modern state system in Europe? Thirty Years War
What was the Thirty Years’ War a conflict over? religion, territory, and power among European ruling families
Why did strong states form more slowly in central Europe than in western Europe? they had weak empires and poor economies without a middle class
Who was the first Russian ruler to adopt the title czar, which means “ceasar”? Ivan the Terrible
Which group was Ivan the Terrible’s cruelty mainly aimed at? nobles
Who were the boyars? landowning nobles
What was Peter the Great’s main reason for visiting the West? learn about western customs and technology
What was the most essential part of the Russian economy when Peter the Great took the throne? serfs
Why did Peter the Great choose the site he did for St. Petersburg? water routes to Europe
Which group suffered the greatest loss of power under Ivan the Terrible? boyers
Why did Peter the Great build St. Petersburg? warm water port that would make it easier to travel to the west
What was Peter the Great the first Russian ruler to make an effort to do? (Who did he try to make Russia more like?) westernize Russia
Which king of England was tried and then put to death? Charles I
Who was the Catholic king that was replaced by William and Mary? James II
Parliament had the financial power in England, and this made it hard to have this type of government? absolute monarchy
Which Puritan leader abolished the monarchy and ruled as a military dictator? Oliver Cromwell
What document made clear the limits on royal power after the Glorious Revolution? Bill of Rights
Which king of England came to power as a result of the Glorious Revolution? William
What prevented monarchs from putting people in jail simply for political reasons and holding them without charging them or having a trial? Habeas Corpus
What was adopted to prevent disagreements between the monarchy and the Parliament from bringing government to a standstill? cabinet system
What did the “Restoration” restore to England? the monarchy as an institution
Put the Glorious revolution, the Restoration, and the English Civil War in chronological (time) order. English Civil War, Restoration, Glorious Revolution
How did the Puritans win the English Civil War? Cromwell's army defeated the royalists and the puritans held the king prisoner
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