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Legacy o/Greece+Rome

means "rule of the people" Ancient Greek claims they developed the first of this in a country Democracy
power rests with citizens who have the right to elect the leaders who make governmental decisions Republic
a code of laws the Jesus gave to the israelite leader, Moses. Ten Commandments
how was the hebrew code different than other codes of same time
athenian leader, he is known as the founder of democracy, Cleisthenes
government ruled by a small group of noble land-owning families later. Aristocracy
led athens, strengthened greek democracy Pericles
system for controlling society Government
passed a law outlawing slavery based on dept canceled the farmers debts, established four clases of citinsinship, created a new council- 400 men. Solon
controlled foreign and financial policies and advised the consuls Senate
established the idea that all citizens had the right to protection of the law and that laws would be fairly administered Twelve Tables
the name of the religion founded by Jesus, Christianity
Created by: Alexandria3349