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Unit 4 Quiz

Latin west western Europe in era of colonization ( 1450-1750) 1200-1500
in the 1200s how was the population in latin west most were peasents, inefficient agiculture, but population doubled
what new tech evolved in latin west 3 field crop system, oats
How did the black plague affect the latin west curved population, in 1346 from the east , drop in climate caused more deaths
what developed in the latin west and its effects wind mill and water wheel effects population anddeforestation
why did cities grow after 1200 trading and manufacturing
what where the 3 main trading and manufacturing cities N. Italy, champagne, flourence
Venice in 1204 mongol trade along the mediteranian with constinople, berut, alxa=ndria
what did flanders, champagne, and England and Florence provide flanders wool champagne trade fairs England and flourence textiles
why were euro cities able to respond to changing market conditions better than china and islam china was centralized because of confusist, and lack of mobility islam had resterictions on how to sell
how where the jew looked upon in latin west after crusades hated non Christian/ catholicas couldn't buy land, seculed except in rome
how where jews treated in spain had deportation
ho where jews treated in Italy segregated in 1400s usary lend money for intrest
guilds association of craftsmen that specialize in a specific job
who were the medics and fuggers medics+ Florence Fuggars + oxford were wealthy banking famalies and merchants into the arts
how was the architect medival , traila and error
when did the renaissance 3rd major europeam era, 14 century starting in Italy
what did the universities due in latin west started in 1100 in W. Europe had acess to greek work and Arabic work of science and phliosphy that jews translated taught guilds, theology ( study religion) scholasticism ( reason to religion)
who is dance and geoffery humanist writers
what influence did latin west have greek and romaninfluence emphasis on secondary edu. vernacular- writing in everyday language
johan Gutenberg invented printing press in Germany 14 century
how was the gov in the 13 century states ruled by week monarchs with no funds and couldn't collect taxes without military and church have power, no more knights use guns from france
what is the great western schism king Philip the fair ( france) challenged the pope bonaface and elected the French pope in n arigno - city
Norman conquest 1066, in England, centralized the royal power, limited by pope and nobles nobles vs kings force to sign magna carta which limited kings power
What are the effects of marriage alliances in spain and porutgal, war over inhertience of territories and strengthing of monarch authority due to territorial boundries
Hundred year wr in 1337-1453 france vs England over land
hundreds year war effects increase in military in both countrys, new monarchies in both gov was centralized on king, national boundries, stronger representive instiutions, power over nobles
Iberian unification spain and Portugal emerge as a centralized state through marriage alliance and war against muslim
how was the reconquest in Iberia slow 1212- 12492 mulsims were out I 1492 and jews banned
what was the effects of the Iberia unification Portugal was on its own in 1249, castile and argon ( two monarchys) were unified
when did expansion take place 1400-1500
Why ddi the Iberian kingdoms explore history of war with muslims and advanced ships and cannons
why why did N. Italy not explore monopolized the mediteraniean trade since the roman power
what country was the fist to explore Portugal
who was prince harry the navigator, captured N, Africa and ceuta port made the sagres research institution of navigation which improved instruments ( compass, astrobal) and improved vessels ( carvels-used to maneuver and lanten )
what were some new techniques in the exploration used wind to travel, Hw in alantic, reached caoe verde in 1444
How was finacing made for exploration off African Saharan trade, prince harrys order of Christ, profits in 1400 were slaves and gold
who was Fernao gomes and Bafolomen dias and vasta de gama Fernao- explored golf coast dias and gama- round trip to Africa and india
chrisopher colomubs was refused by Portugal because they were involved in trading but spain agreed and he thought he was in asia
Treaty of Tordesillas line of demarcation , pope made it
whos Ferdiand mallegellan went across pacific claim Philippines
in the 15 century Africa traded with portigal for the exchanged gold for firearms
oba of benin in 1538 closed market to Portugal traded slaves for guns
what did kongo rely on slave trade
easter anfrica does not trade slaves
swahlii coast trades indian ocean
ethopia and Portugal don't like muslim both Christian but must obey the pope so causes probs
Indian trade hostile with Portugal, Hindu
Vaso de gama arrives in Calicut by force in 1498 captured goa in 510 hormuz in 151 Malacca in 1511 and Macao ( china) 1557
What were the Portuguese regiulations couldn't use products that weren't portuguese
How where Portuguese reactions to Mughal and ottoman aggressive , Mughal ( india) didn't fight, ottoman (muslim) fought
Portugal did what in trade broke monopoly I Italy of pepper
How did the Spanish built their empiers in Americas by disease and steel and guns
arawck and antillies arwack hati antillies carribean
how was Christian control in the Americas like muslims in spain
Whos herman cortes conqured aztect with small pox
whos Fransico pizaaro conqured Americas with disease small pox
what where the 3 factors the contributed to Spanish conquer in Americas 1. disease 2. adv military tech 3. pattern of conquest ( forced labor)
why was Africa nad asia not conqured population, immune to disease, more profitbal to exchange
why did Columbus use to trade New world: corn, potaots, cocoa bean gold silver and tobacco Old World : wheat sugar rice coffee animals, disease
Council of indies carribean , governor represented king/queen
what religioned influenced the new world catholic , protection from explotation, New land of 1542 ( how much land you can control )
How was labor in the new world required large work force, resulted in deforestation mercury Encomienda and mita system in mexico and peru
Brazil plantations native slaves to African
Hiearchy in Latin America Spanish born, creole, erosion of Amerindian groups,
Brazil ethnicity African and American born, light skinned had higher status
what where the faild attemps to established colonies of the English in the Americas newfoundland and Roanoke island
English in the south of Americas VA, Chesapeake bay established Jamestown, tobacco indentured sevants
Virgina was adminstired as what governors and House of burgesses
Carolinas fur, South Carolina plantaion
New England pilgrams , church of England, masachutess bay colony
Middle alantic New York: commercial and shipping Pennslvania: Quakers to commercial ( grains)
French America like spain and Portugal expanded south and west , traded with Louisiana, French india war3 british won
Bourbon dynasty of spain in 1713, French intercolonial trade. commercial monoplies
Amerindia jose condorcanqui ( tupac) uprising
Brazil economic explanison because of gold dimando and coffee and cotton
Navigation acts No country can trade with colonies unless shipped in English ships vessels had to be 3/4 English colonies could only export to England had to pass English ports
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